The following rules apply to all resident halls except Centennial Hall.

  • Students must first sign roommate agreement.
  • Students must pre-register guest through housing portal.
  • Students must check in and out guest at the halls front desk.
  • Guest cannot stay no more than 3 consecutive nights.
  • Students are only allowed 12 overnight stays per semester. 

Locks are changed after the fifth lock out because this generally means that the student has lost his/her key. Therefore, the lock is changed so that the room door can be locked for the safety of the students who live there as well as their belongings.

Please see Bring or Not to Bring for a list of items prohibited in residence halls.

VSU is a tobacco free campus and smoking is not permitted anywhere on the grounds, this includes e-cigarettes and other forms of tobacco.

Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in any public area or if you are under age. Public intoxication is prohibited on campus. Students 21 years and older may have alcoholic beverages in their room with the doors closed. Everyone in a room with alcohol present must be 21 years of age. Any alcoholic containers used for decorations must be cleaned thoroughly, filled with a non-liquid substance, and not displayed in public sight. The University's alcohol policy is printed in the Student Handbook.

Students are expected to respect the right of others by refraining from the production from loud volumes of noise (i.e., stereos playing out the windows, excessive noise from within a suite/room, etc). Noise during quiet hours detailed below should be at a level that cannot be heard two doors down from your room: a. Quiet Hours – During quiet hours audible noise must not be heard from the room with the door closed. Residence halls follow the following quiet hours: 10pm - 8am Sunday through Thursday 12am – 10am Friday through Saturday b. Courtesy Hours – Courtesy hours are in effect 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Courtesy hours are provided to encourage students to be considerate of other students’ individual needs beyond the established quiet hours. Students are expected to comply with these reasonable requests. c. Quiet Zones – The area surrounding the residence halls and apartments have been designated as quiet zones from 7pm until 10am daily. During this time period, students and guests are expected to respect the residence hall and apartment residents' right to a quiet environment.

Contact paper, masking tape, nails, foam tape, hooks, funtack, handitack, and painting are NOT allowed. You can use removable mount tape only to hang items in your room. If you have questions, ask a staff member before putting something up in your room.

Halls are open during the academic year, residents may stay in their rooms during academic breaks. 

Possible violations of community guidelines or student code of conduct policies are documented on an incident report. Incident reports can be filled out by anyone within the university community. Once an incident report has been filled out it is submitted to a Hall Director who will then meet with the parties involved. If a student is found in violation of a policy the consequences would be determined by the use of the Disciplinary Ladder.