Your residence hall (traditional and suite style buildings) contract is for nine months (fall and spring semesters—August-May). Apartment contracts are for 12 months (August to end of Summer Term).

The following dates show what refunds may be available if a contract is approved for cancellation for the Fall Semester:

New Students: On or before April 1– Full refund from April 2 to May 15 - $100 refund from April 16 to May 31- $50 refund. After May 1, no portion of the deposit will be refunded and a buy out will ensue until the first day of class.

Returning Students: On or before April 1 – Full refund From April 2 to April 15 - $100 refund From April 16 to April 30 - $50 refund. After May 1, no portion of the deposit will be refunded.

Please see Release of Contract for more information regarding the cancellation of your housing contract.

If a student decides to no longer live on campus and/or attend Valdosta State University there is a process to canceling their contract. Cancellations cannot be taken over the phone! For current students wishing to cancel their contracts, visit the Release of Contract page. For Freshman, the Freshman Residency Exemption Form must also be completed and approved. Please visit the Freshman Residency Exemption page. To apply for a Release of Contract, log onto your StarRez account, click the Release of Contract button towards the end of your Application Process timeline, and the follow the step by step instructions in the page to continue with you release.

Please visit the bottom of the Fee Deadlines section of the Financial Services website for current fee payment deadlines.

Depending on what type of Financial Aid you have, the cost of your housing may or may not be covered. Please visit the Financial Aid website or call (229-333-5935) or e-mail the Office of Financial Aid for information on the benefits of your specific Financial Aid package.

Almost all charges from all departments at the university, including Housing and Residence Life, will be charged to your student account at the Bursary. When standard charges for your housing are placed on your account, these are due on the same schedule as tuition. Any additional unexpected fees that are charged for your housing, such as damages or lost keys, will also place a "hold" on your student account. A hold on your account prevents you from graduation, registering for classes, or obtaining official transcripts from the university. A hold is removed once these charges are paid in full. For information about the tuition payment schedule, penalties for late payment, or other questions regarding other departmental charges, please refer to the university's Bursary.