Residential Learning Communities assist incoming students in building friendships by offering several theme-based living and learning experiences in the residence halls. Students can choose specific themes which interest them and live on designated floors of residence halls on campus. Please see Residential Learning Community Descriptions for detailed information on this subject.

A number of individuals are employed in each residence hall to assist residents in adjusting to the campus community and participating in various social, educational, and recreational programs. Resident Assistants live on the floors with the students. These student staff members have been selected through a highly competitive process based on their experience at Valdosta State. Residence Hall Directors also live in each residence hall to supervise the work of the Resident Assistants and to work with the residents of the building. Each traditional and suite-style residence hall also has front desk staff members who manage the lobby area. Failure to comply with the directives related to the performance of their job is a violation of the Code of Ethics. Custodians are assigned to clean public areas in our halls. We also have maintenance staff that performs routine maintenance repairs and may enter your room or apartment occasionally to perform requested or emergency repairs.

Check the page for your assigned Residence Hall to learn more about your Residence Hall Director.

Area Council is an organization that aims to make each resident’s on-campus living experience one to remember.  The purpose of Area Council is to plan and execute fun programs that get residents involved in their halls and on campus.  This organization is composed of individuals from each residence hall who are able to take on leadership positions such as lead event manager, budget manager, event coordinator, and purchasing coordinator.  Area council provides the opportunity for students to explore different leadership opportunities as well as connect and engage with other on-campus residents and Housing and Residence Life staff.  The purpose of Area Council is to plan and execute fun programs that get residents involved in their halls and on campus.