A graduate academic advisor's goal is to help you plan your academic career. This includes preparing for registration, resolving academic problems, and offering academic/educational advice. Our expectation is that this will be a collaborative relationship, a shared responsibility between adviser and student.

Responsibility of Advisor:

  • Help advisees understand the requirements of their programs and to plan appropriately to meet those requirements.
  • To assist students with making their own decisions choosing educational and career objectives that commensurate with their interests and abilities.
  • To answer questions raised by students and to make them aware of the possible short- and long-range consequences of their choices.
  • Help advisees correctly prepare paperwork necessary to meet program requirements, such as course substitutions, waivers, the application for graduation, and the graduation check sheet.
  • To be an information source regarding policies and procedures of the MFT Program and the University.
  • To be an on-going source of dialogue and advise concerning academic goals, career, and life.
  • Maintain a permanent student file (either electronic or hard copy) for each student.

Responsibility of Advisee:

  • Know the requirements for completing the program, graduation, and other university requirements published on the MFT Program and university websites and/or the University catalog.
  • Work with an advisor to develop a curriculum plan which will allow them to stay on track for their planned graduation, recognizing other responsibilities they might have including family and work obligations.
  • Contact the assigned advisor when concerns arise. These might include deficiency points that have been earned, when any changes are made such as dropping a course (s), when concerned about grades, or when substituting courses.
  • Accept ultimate responsibility for selection of classes that incorporates personal decisions as well as the academic advice given by the advisor.
  • Evaluate the MFT advising process and individual academic advisors by completing an advising survey.

Below are links to information that we think may help you throughout your journey in the MFT program: