ArchivesSpaceArchivesSpace is our main database for all of our collections. It contains descriptions of all processed and unprocessed materials held by the Valdosta State University Archives, including non-current University records, faculty and alumni papers, and materials from the South Georgia Folklife Collection, the Southeastern Library Association, the Georgia Theatre Conference, and other institutions whose archives we hold for their research value. Materials in the VSU Archives are arranged according to the principle of provenance (files from one creating office or person are not mixed with those from another creator) and they are also indexed by subject. The Archives are available for use during the University Archives' normal business hours, and we can be contacted via email or at (229) 333-7150.

VtextWelcome to the VSU Digital Repository. Vtext is a Master of Library and Information Science Program and Odum Library initiative. Vtext is an open access digital repository maintained by the Odum Library to collect, preserve, and distribute Valdosta State University's intellectual capital in ways not currently supported by traditional library and publication models. Repositories are important tools for preserving an organization's legacy; they facilitate digital preservation and scholarly communications. If you would like to submit textual materials for long-term preservation and access contact us via email or at (220) 333-7150.

Valdosta Daily Times Vital Records SearchThe Valdosta Daily Times Vital Records Index is a record of birth announcements, death notices/obituaries, engagement announcements, and wedding announcements found in the Valdosta Daily Times. from 1945-1964. Currently, we are adding material each semester to bring the index up through 1993.Search this index for records between 1945 and 1964. (Additional content is frequently added) If you are searching for vital records from after 1993, please consult our Valdosta Daily Times Index, which contains records from 1994 to the present. If you are searching for records from before 1945, please consult GENDEX, a notebook of vital records in the Valdosta Daily Times from 1868-1945. Copies of this notebook can be found at the South Georgia Regional Library, The Lowndes County Historical Society Museum, and the Valdosta State University Archives.
Gendex has now been digitized fully and is available for searching online. Search GENDEX for Death death records for the Valdosta Daily Times from the years 1868-1988.

VSU Video DatabaseThe video collection indexing project lists titles, event names , names found in videos, subjects, and summaries of each video.  Here you can find videos of football games, VSU-TV, VSU theatre, and many others, dating back to the 1980s. This is a wonderful source for people researching Valdosta State University.  Our indexing project is ongoing.  We will add new records at the end of each semester.  These records were created by the volunteer VSU history student workers who were working in Archives for their history classes.  We are very grateful to these workers.  Please contact us if you have any questions or a digitization request.

Campus Canopy and The Spectator Index Search HomeThe Campus Canopy was the student newspaper at Georgia State Women's College/ Valdosta State College from 1935-1969. In 1970, the paper was renamed The Spectator, which is the name it has been published under to the present day. This index contains articles from 1935-1970's, and more articles are added regularly. You can browse these newspapers in the Archives. Update: The Campus Canopies have been digitized in full. We are currently working on digitizing the Spectator, beginning in the early 1970s. Check back often or follow us on Twitter for Updates.

VSU Publicity Scrapbook Index Database HomeThe publicity department of Georgia State Womans College (and later Valdosta State College) kept annual publicity scrapbooks.  All articles that they found, which included information about the school, its  faculty, staff or students, were cut out and mounted in these scrapbooks.  Newspapers represented include the large, for example, the  Atlanta Constitution, to the very small, the Quitman Free Press. These scrapbooks were kept from the 1920s until the 1970s. These scrapbooks paint a livid picture of life at VSU over the years. The Patricia Sutherland Scrapbook Collection has been digitized and is available for download.

Southern Patriot

The Valdosta State University Archives and Special Collections Civil Rights Database is an index of the Southern Patriot. The Southern Patriot was a progressive southern newspaper that ran from 1942-1973 out of South Carolina. The newspaper supported and advocated desegregation before and after the Civil Rights Movement. It covered groups like the militant-leaning Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) in a favorable light. It covered the youth movements, sit-ins, and acts of civil disobedience surrounding the Civil Rights Movement and inspired activists in their endeavors.

U.S. Department of State Records on China DatabaseThis collection contains documents pertaining to state department records in China, specifically the internal affairs of China.  The materials consist of instructions to and dispatches from diplomatic and consular officials, notes exchanged, pamphlets, pictures, and newspaper clippings.  The officials included are consulates and officials in China, as well as officials in the United States, such as William Jennings Bryan (who was Secretary State 1913-1915).  Also included are notes between the Department of State and foreign diplomatic representatives in China and in the U.S.; memoranda prepared by officials of the department of internal affairs; and correspondence with officials of other government departments and with private firms, companies, and persons. Read more...

VSU Archives Genealogy GuideWelcome to the Odum Library Archives and Special Collections genealogy page. From here you can access a wide range of genealogical resources available exclusively to Odum Library, as well as resources from around the web.

Union Catalog Button The Union Catalog is an index of historical and genealogical resources available in print at the South Georgia Regional Library, The Lowndes County Historical Society, and the Valdosta State University Archives and Special Collections. Note: Records are indexed to 2004. For current records and catalogs, contact the  Valdosta State University Archives and Special Collections, the South Georgia Regional Library, or the Lowndes County Historical Society, respectively.

Equal Rights Newsletter Database Index

Equal Rights was a publication of the National Woman's Party. Began in 1923, it was the successor to the failed Suffragist. Its name is representative of its purpose: the editors of the newsletter believed that the only way to achieve equality amongst the sexes was to introduce an Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution. In addition to lobbying for the introduction of a Constitutional Amendment, it discussed feminist concerns, and developments on a national as well as a global scale. In 1935 the editor of Equal Rights left the Party to create the independently published Equal Rights: Independent Feminist Weekly. The NWP still maintained the publication of the newsletter(as well as the name Equal Rights), but with a new editorial staff. The Valdosta State University Archives houses copies of the NWP's Equal Rights from 1924-1954, as well as a few editions of the Independent Feminist Weekly. contact us if you have any questions.

The Virtual Herbarium Project at Valdosta State University

The Valdosta State University Herbarium (VSC) provides a repository for the preservation of voucher specimens that document the flora of the Coastal Plain region of Georgia and specimens from a broader geographical area that might be useful in the study of the flora of this region and that enable specialized research on particular groups of plants carried out by faculty and students in residence at Valdosta State University and by taxonomic specialists at other institutions. VSC also provides specimens for use in teaching, and its staff responds to requests from the general public, natural resource managers, agricultural scientists, and others by providing information about plants and service determinations of unknown plants and. where appropriate, preserving vouchers relating to such.


Our Older-Format Finding Aids

This is a list that contains links to the finding aids of manuscript collections held by the Archives. Each finding aid includes a description of the collection, important topics and persons associated with the collection, and a folder-level inventory. We are in the process of describing all our collections and this library of finding aids will be continually updated.

University Archives Collection-- designated UA: Those collections generated by or directly related to the University.

Manuscript Collection--designated MS: Those collections of documents, letters, images, manuscripts, which have been donated to the Archives, but not "directly" related to the University.

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