Call Number:  UA 8/8

Name:  English Department: An Inventory of Its Records at the VSU Archives

Dates:  1970-present

Size:  9 folders

History of the Department:  The Valdosta State English Department is under the College of Arts and Sciences.  English has been an important major since the first days of the school.  During the time covered by this collection, the following have been department head:  Dr. Raymond A. Cook, 1979-1971; Dr. Willa Valencia, 1971-1983; Dr. Thomas Dasher, 1984-1994; Dr. John Hiers, 1994-1998; Dr. Kris Pruitt, 1998-1999; Dr. Sharon Gravett, 1999-; Dr. Mark Smith, Acting, 2002-

Scope and Content:  The Collection is not comprehensive but contains a variety of materials.  Several publications associated with the English Department over the period 1970 to the present are included.  Beyond 310  is an anthology of science fiction and fantasy written by English 310 students, and published in 1990.  BlackberryWine is a self-financed quarterly journal created by VSC English Department faculty.  Editors were Trent busch and William Fuller.  Issues include 1970-1971.   Also NOTE (Notes on Teaching English) is a journal of the Georgia/South Carolina English Association, which is sometimes edited by Byron Brown of VSU English Department.  Volumes are from 1987-1995 with some gaps in coverage.  Brochures of special events such as readings and presentations, brochures for English Majors, details of course requirements, memos, and stationary are included in the collection.  Photocopied news articles on Louise Hanes research and presentations in Linguistics complete the collection.

Subject Headings:

English Department—VSC/VSU

Beyond 310

Blackberry Wine


Short Stories


Notes on Teaching English

Hanes, Dr. Louise

Busch, Trent Dr.

Fuller, William

Brown, Byron

Creative Writing—VSC/VSU

Chan, Amado

Speak to Me

Habla Me


The papers include the following parts:

[Folder 1] Admissions English Department

[Folder 2] Beyond 310, 1 copy, 1990

Contributors: Kevin Kelly, Nanette Herron, Kelli Hayes-De Guire, Becky Gaskins, Gregory Mark Bass, Beth Reichardt, Tom Austin, Tina Page, Cindy Toler, Laura Goforth, Kim Foreman, Eugenia Collins, Chad Brannen, Wylie Ackerman, Jonathan Lockeretz, Amy Tanner

[Folder 3] Blackberry Wine  5 issues, Winter, Summer, 1970; Spring 1971, May 1971, August 1971

Contributors:  Trent Busch, Samuel Cunningham, Stan DeHart, Marvin Evans, William Fuller, Ward Pafford, Raymond Register, John Hiers, Lee Bennett

[Folder 4] Brochures, 1980’s bulk,

[Folder 5] Course Requirements, descriptions of courses, 1980’s and 1990’s

[Folder 6] Hanes, Dr. Louise, Articles

[Folder 7] Memos [scattered, 1964-1990’s]

[Folder 8] Notes on Teaching English [v. 14, n.2; v. 15, n 1-2; v. 16, n.2; v. 17, n.1; v. 18, n.1—2 copies; v. 21, n.1; v. 23, n.1]

Board Members and/or Contributors: Willa Valencia, Tom Dasher, Byron Brown, Shirley Hardin, Mark Smith

[Folder 9] Stationery and Envelopes, English Department

[Folder 10] Copy of Speak to Me/Habla Me, poetry by Amado Chan, Graduate Student in English Department from.  Belize.

Processing Date: 1/2002 by Deborah S. Davis and Nan Canington