Call Number  UA 22/1

Name:   American Association of University Professors (AAUP) Papers

Dates:  1963-1995

Size:  7 Boxes

Scope and Content:

The American Association of University Professors (AAUP) represents the interests of university professors to lawmakers, college administrators and the public.  They lobby for legislation and funding issues that affect higher education, such as tenure, equitable funding, and collective bargaining.  On campus, AAUP represents the faculty to the administration, often addressing issues of retention of faculty, fairness, course load, evaluation, tenure and faculty representation. 

The collection of the Valdosta State College/University chapter of AAUP documents the local, state and national activities of the chapter from 1963 to 1995.  However, the bulk of the materials fall in the years from 1971-1985.  The collection is divided into four sub groups:

  • The Valdosta State College/University AAUP Chapter Business:  Chapter Constitution, Correspondence,  Minutes, and Membership information comprise two boxes of the collection.  Here are lobbying letters to legislators, correspondence with administrators on campus: letters on national issues such as the ERA and on VSC-related issues such as teaching load.  Names prominent in the correspondence include Jane Elza, S. Walter Martin, Hugh Bailey, Betty Derrick, Dawson Mathis, and Dennis Marks.
  • Special Topics and Activities of the VSC AAUP relating to campus and Georgia Issues:  Three boxes document such topics as Administrator Evaluation and Salaries, establishment of the Faculty Senate, Tenure, Teaching loads, Grievance policies, and Collective Bargaining.  The chapter polled the VSC faculty often and poll data are included for many topics including choosing the president, the vice president, the beginning of the football program, semester system and merit pay.  One of the most extensive series of files involves the "Salary Fight" of 1975.  Evidently in an effort to save money during tight economic times, the Ga. Board of Regents tried to take back already agreed-upon raises for 1975.  AAUP on behalf of all Georgia professors, brought suit, and won.  In addition, the VSC chapter was simultaneously exploring funding equity for VSC based on state levels for comparable institutions.  Retrenchment, and its corresponding threats to tenure are also extensively addressed in this subgroup.
  • Publications:  Selected Publications of Local, State and National AAUP organizations, and related collected newsletters of other educational organizations--one box:

Academe 1973-1981

AAUP Chapter Conference Letter--Newsletters from various Ga. AAUP chapters and from Georgia Conference

AAUP National News and Announcements--various material sent from National AAUP office, including Newsletters from other states

AAUP News Bulletins and Legislative News (scattered)

VSC AAUP Newsletter 1973-1983 (scattered)

Clippings from various newspapers regarding the AAUP

Collected GAE/NEA Higher Education and VSC Campus Capsule

  • AAUP National and State Issues:  One box of information from the National AAUP office along with collected information on issues of interest to VSC AAUP but with no correspondence or evidence of direct chapter action on the issue.  Issues include Scientific Creationism, Affirmative Action, and other national policy issues.

Subject Headings:


AAUP Legislative News

AAUP News Bulletin


Academic Freedom


Affirmative Action

American Association of University Professors

Bailey, Hugh

Campus Capsule

Collective Bargaining

Derrick, Betty

Elza, Jane


Faculty Senate

Grievance Policy--VSC

Lawsuits--Board of Regents

Legislative News

Marks, Dennis

Martin, S. Walter

Mathis, Dawson



Scientific Creationism


VSC Campus Capsule


The Valdosta State College/University AAUP Chapter Business:

Box 1

Folder 1.  Conference--Georgia AAUP

Folder 2.  AAUP Constitution and Bylaws

Folder 3.  AAUP Correspondence 1969-1980

Folder 4.  AAUP Correspondence  1981-1997

Folder 5.  AAUP Correspondence: General From State and National Organizations

Folder 6.  AAUP Elections

Folder 7.  1982-1983 AAUP Election Results

Box 2

Folder 1.  Membership

Folder 2.  AAUP Minutes 1970-1976

Folder 3.  AAUP Minutes 1977-1980

Folder 4.  AAUP Minutes  1981-1995

Folder 5.  Notes--Meetings and Issues

Folder 6.  AAUP Scholarships and Awards

Special Topics and Activities of the VSC AAUP relating to campus and Georgia Issues:

Box 3

Folder 1.  Academic Standards (Students)

Folder 2.  Accreditation

Folder 3.  AAUP Administration Survey

Folder 4.  Administrator's Salaries

Folder 5.  Associate Arts Degree

Folder 6.  VSC Budget Information 1980-1981

Folder 7.  Collective Bargaining

Folder 8.  AAUP Communication Network

Folder 9.  AAUP Dues Deduction

Box 4

Folder 1.  Faculty Development

Folder 2.  Faculty Senate

Folder 3.  Faculty Evaluation

Folder 4.  AAUP Financial Exigency

Folder 5.  Football Survey

Folder 6.  Grievance Policy

Folder 7.  Health Leave Policies, 1981 Survey

Folder 8.  Merit Raise Survey, 1980-1981

Folder 9.  Outside Activities/Workload

Folder 10. ORP (Optional Retirement Plan)

Folder 11. President Selection

Folder 12. Retrenchment Policy

Folder 13. Retrenchment Survey

Folder 14. Retrenchment

Box 5

Folder 1.  Salaries

Folder2.  Salary Survey VSC--1981-82

Folder 3.  AAUP Salary Fight

Folder 4.  Salary--Nine Month Payment

Folder 5.  AAUP Poll on Salaries

Folder 6.  Self-study--1981

Folder 7.  Semester Survey

Folder 8.  AAUP Revision of Statutes

Folder 9.  State Merit Increase for 1984/1985 FY

Folder 10. Student Loans--1980-81

Folder 11. Summer Compensation

Folder 12. Teaching Load

Folder 13. Tenure, Promotion, and Merit

Folder 14. Tenure Survey

Folder 15. VP Survey--AAUP [Vice President for Academic Affairs--VSC]


Box 6

Folder 1.  Academe 1973-1981, scattered

Folder 2.  AAUP Chapter Conference Letter

Folder 3.  AAUP National News and Announcements and Various State Newsletters

Folder 4.  AAUP News Bulletin

Folder 5.  AAUP VSC Newsletter

Folder 6.  Clippings--VSC AAUP

Folder 7.  GAE/NEA Higher Education ADVOCATE

Folder 8.  VSC Campus Capsule (1973-1978 scattered)

AAUP National and State Issues:

Box 7

Folder 1.  Academic Freedom

Folder 2.  Affirmative Action

Folder 3.  Policy on Selection and Retention of Administrators--1976

Folder 4.  Creation Science

Folder 5.  Policy Positions--AAUP

Folder 6.  Sick Leave

Folder 7.  College Statutes--Other Units in System

Folder 8.  Toll Free Hotline (Legislature)

Folder 9.  Tuition Remission