Call Number  UA 19/2

Name:   Academic Council Papers

Dates:   1978-1991

Size:   boxes

Scope and Content:

The Academic Council was a group of faculty who approved all changes to the academic program of Valdosta State College.  This group predates the Faculty Senate and ended with its founding and assuming of those duties.

The collection includes minutes and "actions" of the Academic Council from 1978-1991.  The "actions" are forms submitted to the committee, often with correspondence, requesting changes to the curriculum.  Actions also include announcements of changes made by the committee, which announcements serve as notices of changes in policy.  The minutes, on the other hand, are shorter, list attendees, and simply note passage or not of specific "actions."  The actions and minutes are filed separately from 1978 to 1984, although there is some intermixing of the two.  After 1984, no papers exist in the Collection until 1988.  From 1988 to 1991, both minutes and actions are filed together. 

Subject Headings:

Academic Council VSU--Curriculum 
Valdosta State College--Curriculum Curriculum--VSU 
VSC--Curriculum Curriculum--VSC 
Valdosta State University--Curriculum Faculty Senate 


Box 1.

Folder 1. Minutes 1978

Folder 2. Academic Council Actions 1978

Folder 3. Minutes 1979

Folder 4. Academic Council Actions 1979

Box 2.

Folder 1. Minutes 1980

Folder 2. Academic Council Actions 1980, pt. 1

Folder 3. Academic Council Actions 1080, pt. 2

Folder 4. Minutes 1981

Folder 5. Academic Council Action 1981

Box 3.

Folder 1. Minutes 1982

Folder 2. Academic Council Actions 1982

Folder 3. Minutes 1983

Folder 4. Academic Council Actions 1983

Folder 5. Minutes 1984

Folder 6. Academic Council Actions 1984

Box 4.

Folder 1. Academic Council 1988-1989

Folder 2. Academic Council 1990 pt. 1

Folder 3. Academic Council 1990 pt. 2

Folder 4. Academic Council 1991