Collection Number:  MS -72

Name:  Marjorie Estelle Carter

Dates:  1902-1969

Size:  1 suitcase, 1 large box & 1 archival box


Dr. Carter came to Georgia State Women's College in 1936, as an Assistant Dean of Women, serving as assistant to Miss Annie Powell Hopper. She is listed as having a BS from William and Mary College. In 1937, in addition to serving as Assistant Dean of Women, she begins duties as an Instructor of Biology, according to the 1937 Pinecone. She served in a dual capacity, and in 1942, according to the Bulletin of GSCW, She earned a MA in Biology from the University of Virginia.

Her papers relating to her graduate work, including her original thesis, are in the Valdosta State University Archives. The thesis is entitled "New Harpacticoid Copepods from Mountain Lake, Virginia, Region."

At various times in the 1940's, she served, in addition to her duties teaching biology, as a Physical Education Instructor, a Resident Head of Converse Hall, and as Dean of the Junior College. She actively combined teaching and administration throughout much of her time at GSWC and VSC.

In 1952, she earned a PHD in Biology from the University of Virginia, according the VSC Bulletin, 1952. In 1953 she became Resident Counselor of Ashley Hall. However beginning in 1956, she devoted herself full time to teaching Biology at VSC. She taught actively until her death in January of 1969. She was 63 at her death.  (author unknown)

Scope & Content

The original container was an old suitcase, in which the contents were in no discernible order. The papers range from correspondence, journals, to  her thesis material. Her sketches and notes were scattered throughout the suitcase. Few personal items are found, though some pictures drawn by children are included.    

Subject Headings

Art Elaphoidella Gidens  Mildred S. Wilson Thesis 
Biology Georgia State Women's College Moravia virginiana University of Virginia 
Bryocamptus zschokkei German research journals R. E. Coker 
C. Bryocamptus minutus H. H. Hobbs Red Cross 
Carter "Harpacticoid Copepods of the Region of Mountain Lake, Virginia" Smithsonian Institute 


Box 1

Folder 1 - H. H. Hobbs

Folder 2 - Hans Jakobi

Folder 3 - Mihai Serban

Folder 4 - Mildred S. Wilson

Folder 5 - Mountain Lake & Coker

Folder 6 - Ponyi

Folder 7 - R. E. Coker

Folder 8 - R. U. Gooding

Folder 9 - Renato Contin Marinoni

Folder 10 - Trajan K. Petkovski

Folder 11 - Wolfran Noodt

Box 2

Folder 12 - Harpacticoid Copepods of the Region of Mountain Lake, Virginia

Folder 13 - Original Manuscript

Folder 14 - Introduction to paper etc.

Folder 15 - Thesis Material

Folder 16 - Gidens & Bryo - original mans.

Folder 17 - Elaphoidella Gidens

Folder 18 - E. Bidens

Folder 19 - Moravia virginiana

Folder 20 - Bryocamptus zschokkei

Folder 21 - Bryocamptus zschokkei (extra material)

Folder 22 - C. Bryocamptus minutus

Folder 23 - Misc. notes

Folder 24 - Notepad

Folder 25 - Notes (bound)

Folder 26 - Sketches

Folder 27 - Biology materials

Folder 28 - Bibliofilm Service

Folder 29 - German journals

Folder 30 - To be inked

Folder 31 - Number cards

Folder 32 - Red Cross

Folder 33 - Smithsonian Institute

Folder 34 - Personal items

Folder 35 - Children's Artwork

Folder 36 - Original Envelopes

Processed by Stacey L. Wright, VSU Archives Intern, July 10, 2006