Call Number  MS-68

Name:  Papers and artifacts of Mary Remer Parramore held at the Valdosta State University Archives

Dates:  1947-1973

Size:  2 boxes; 23 items 


Mary Remer Parramour (Dec. 30, 1929 – Dec. 24, 1996) was born in Valdosta Georgia. Was the second child of Dinah Roberts and Redden Lamb Parramore. Graduated from Valdosta State College among the first class in 1951. Worked as an office manager for Dr. Joe Brannen for over 20 years. Civil and social associations she belonged to included the Valdosta Junior Service League, the Cotillion Club, Valdosta Mystery Club, the Reader’s Forum, the Lowndes Country Historical Society and the Daughters of the American Revolution. Worshipped with the Central Avenue Church of Christ. Buried in Sunset Cemetery, on Monday December 30, 1996.

Scope and Content : 

Materials include a lab manual and a scrapbook project related to a textile design class at Valdosta State College. Also contains a collection of memorabilia from VSC and several pieces of clothing, mostly school uniforms used for different activities. The manual contains handwritten notes and fabric samples, and the scrapbook contains handwritten notes, photocopies, cut-outs and pictures of home design styles. Memorabilia include miscellaneous items such as photographs, newspaper cut-outs, postcards, letters, and alumni information. Major newspaper article covers the visit of Mrs. F. D. Roosevelt to VSC to dedicate the library. Clothing items are samples of uniforms used between 1940s-1950s at VSC.

The material is divided between two boxes. A small box contains the lab manual and the scrapbook. A larger box includes a folder with the randomly organized miscellaneous items and the clothing wrapped in tissue paper. Along with the collection is an outfit that is on display in a wall case.

Subject Headings:

Parramore, Mary Remer

University System of Georgia

Mrs. F. D. Roosevelt

Class of 1951

Emory Sate College

Valdosta State College

Hart, Lille Kete P.


Bailey, Hugh C.

Martin, Sara Catherine

Brown, Walter S.

Reade, Dr. Frank R.

Davis, Pamela, M.

First National Bank of Valdosta

J. B. Lippincott Company

Georgia Agricultural Extension Service

Edens, Hollis A.

Odum Library

Alumnae News

S.H. Cress & Co.


The materials include the following content:

Box 1: Books and notes

[Book 1] Parramore Papers – Lab Manual (1947)

The lab manual is for a textiles class and contains actual student work with written reports and sample materials. It covers topics such as the construction of fabrics, constructions of yarns, and finishes on cloths and fabric. Materials mentioned are wool, silk, cotton, linen, and synthetic fibers. Samples are attached of different types, styles and designs of fabrics. The work is dated October and November 1947, but there are a lot of inconsistencies. The manual was written by Katherine Paddock Hess and Esther Bruner, and published by J. B. Lippincott Company in 1931.

[Book 2] Parramore Papers – Scrapbook (1950)

The scrapbook seems to have been a class project on home design. It is entitled “New Dreams”. It includes cut-out pictures on home decorating styles and home design trends that were popular in the 1940s. Pictures feature different rooms in a house, and have information on color, materials for furnishings etc. There are also handwritten notes on art covering topics such as design, color, house style, home planning and landscaping, styles of furniture, furniture arrangement, interior finishes for walls and floors, rugs, curtains, lighting equipment and has pictures of additional home accessories. Also included is a thin book on home furnishings from Georgia Agricultural Extension Service. It is published by the University System of Georgia, which was directed by Walter S. Brown (1949). The scrapbook is made of a black notebook binder with aged yellow pages. The binder was made by S. H. Kress & Co.

Box 2: Artifacts/Memorabilia

[Folder] Parramore Memorabilia – (1940s – 1973)

Item 1— A membership card for the Valdosta State College Alumni Association (1973-74). The card has brief facts on the history of Valdosta State.

Item 2 — Colored crepe paper ribbons (purpose unknown)

Item 3 – A Sketch of Odum Library dedicated April 11, 1972 and autographed by “Sullivan”.

Item 4 – Typewritten class list with 77 names and addresses for members of the class of 1951.

Item 5 – Collection of Valdosta State College sticker postcards (red with school logo) addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Mary Remer Parramore (there is no indication that she got married. Parramore was her family name) soliciting donations for the VSC foundation.

Item 6 – Commencement Program for VSC dated 1984. (President of VSC was Hugh C. Bailey)

Item 7 – A letter to Mary Remer Parramore dated May 1951, from someone at the First National Bank of Valdosta congratulating her on her graduation and inviting her to continue her services with them.

Item 8 – A Letter to Mary Remer Parramore from her mother (name not listed) expressing pride in Mary’s accomplishments for graduation.

Item 9 – A campus map of Valdosta State Women’s College

Item 10 – A news sheet dated May 1941 from the GSWC Alumnae Association containing information on plans for homecoming and a membership drive for the upcoming year. (membership dues per year was $1.00)

Item 11 – A school newspaper (Alumnae News) from GSWC dated April 1941. The headline announced the impending visit of the First Lady, Mrs. F. D. Roosevelt for the purpose of dedicating the GSWC Library worth $70,000.00. The event is recorded as “one of the most important events in the History of GSWC”.

Item 12 – Bulletin of GSWC dated June 1939. It was  joint publication with Emory Sate University featuring random pictures of both campuses. Pictures highlight students around a swimming pool, on the walkways with easels sketching, in the science labs, playing tennis, conducting a recital on stage, female students knitting, and administration buildings of both universities. Dr. Frank R. Reade is listed as the President of GSWC and A. Hollis Edens as the President of Emory State College, both from Valdosta.

Item 13 – A picture of a group of women cut out form somewhere. (no labels or dates)

Item 14 – A large group picture taken Feb. 23, 1950 commemorating the transformation from unisex GSWC to co-ed VSC.

Item 15 – Newspaper clippings on Mrs. F. D. Roosevelt’s visit to GSWC and her dedication of the library. Clippings include announcements of her imminent visit, picture of the library, pictures of campus views at GSWC and Emory State, and a picture of Mrs. Roosevelt taken with Sara Catherine Martin who presided over a special dinner prepared for Mrs. Roosevelt.

[Large Box] Parramore Artifacts – (1940s -1950s)

Item 16 – Typewritten sheet listing items donated by Mrs. Lille Kete P. Hart from Mary Remer Parramour (Jan. 1997)

Item 17 – Photocopied sheets with pictures of girls wearing different uniform combinations for various sporting activities practiced at VSC.

Item 18 – A  white cotton looking dress slightly above knee-length, with pressed buttons down the front from neck to hem, a collar, short sleeves and a pocket on the left breast. Also has a white waistband. This is depicted in the pictures as a gym uniform used with white tennis shoes in archery, tennis, American ball, and Tap dancing (black shoes added). (1940-1950)

Item 19 – A short skirt with zipper at the back, blue green in color, of cotton-like material. This is depicted in the pictures as being used for a covering over both the swimsuit and the leotard. (1940-1950)

Item 20 – A one-piece swimsuit with tank top and shorts bottom, of the same blue-green color and cotton material as the skirt. (stained along the front) This is depicted in the pictures as being used with the skirt over the bottom half. (1940-1950)

Item 21 – A leotard with long sleeves and shorts-cut on the bottom half, zippered up the back, of the same blue-green color and cotton material as the skirt and the swimsuit. In the pictures it is depicted as being used with the skirt over the bottom half. (1940-1950)

Item 22 – A three-quarters length dress made of transparent gauze-like material, cream in color with black stripes running horizontally in the seams. It has a black frill design around the neck and arms, as well as down the front to the hem. Also has small round buttons running down the front. It is stained in some areas and yellowed with age. There is no information related to its specific use. (1940-1950)

Item 23 – A second white cotton gym uniform belonging to the collection is located in a display case, set off with ribbons from the GSWC tennis club, and a red and white cap, along with a few pictures of sporting activities. (1940-1950)

Items 24: Craft items made by Parramore at the YMCA day camp on GSWC cmapus prior to World War II.  A Mr. Swanson was in charge and Mamie Ashley worked with this  project and the Red Cross was part of the camp activities as well.  Items include 6 napkins, 6 coasters for drinks, 6 tablemats, 1 runner.  All are of ruogh cloth, and fringed.

Processing Date: May 2, 2007.

Author of Finding Aid:  Minerva Blancaneaux,  created in partial fulfillment of the requirements of History 3000, Spring 2007.