Call Number:  MS-52

Name:  An Inventory of the Papers in the William W. Knight Collection, held in the Valdosta State University Archives.

Dates:   The dates of the letters range from October 8, 1861 through November 2, 1863.

Size:  This archive contains 1 box and 3 folders                

Biography/Organizational History:    

William W. Knight was born around 1829 in what is today Berrien County, Ga.  He married Mary E. Carroll in 1855 and they conceived a daughter, Lillian Melissa, on March 22, 1862.  Knight was the son of Levi Knight and Ann Clements/Herrin.  He enlisted in the army on October 1, 1861.  Knight served in the 29th GA infantry in company K.  He was 6 feet in height, with dark hair and blue eyes.  He died December 27, 1863.

Scope and Content: 

This collection is comprised of letters written from William W. Knight to his wife and father.  All of the letters in this collection have been copied from their original paper. 

Subject Headings:  



Camp Spaulding

Colonel Stiles

Captain Lamb

Reddin B. Parrish

John Coleman

Jasper M. Roberts

Mary Knight

L.L. Liles

John Meagan

Edmund E. Giddens


Fort Jackson


Fort Pulaski

Typhoid fever


St. John’s hospital

25th Ga. regiment

William Sermon

William Carroll

William Jones

John M. Griffin






Camp Tatnall

Canstons Bluff

Ogechee Bridge


James Island

30th Ga. regiment


2nd Gas state troops



Camp Young

Florence, S.C.

Kingsville, S.C.


29th N.C. troops

39th N.C. troops

New Orleans

Fort McCallister

9th Texas

30th Texas

Joshua Meerdon

J.W. Baldres

Fair hospital

Old Abe

Mac Luke



Alonzo Green

Columbus, Ga.

Yazoo City

Jackson, Miss.

Joseph Strickland

Major Bryan



Colonel Wilson

General Bragg

William Cameron

Matthew Lindsey

Edmond Mathis

Aaron Mattox

John Parrish

John Patterson

Jacob Truitt

Manning Fender

James Fender

Colbert Chapman

William Warren

Manning Coleman

Benjamin Garrett

Sergeant John Herndon

W. H. Anderson

Captain Henry


Folder 1

October 12, 1861 -William W. Knight writes a letter to his wife describing his journey to the hospital and through the countryside.

October 22, 1861 -Knight explains that the soldiers are bored, and he is awaiting his opportunity to return home to see his family.

December 1, 1861 -Knight writes to his wife explaining the recent outbreak of measles in the camp.

December 18, 1861 -Knight writes to his wife asking her to respond to the letters that he sends her, and that the measles outbreak has gotten worse.

Folder 2

January 22, 1862 -Knight explains to his wife an incident involving a Confederate vessel and Yankee soldiers.

March 7, 1862 -Knight describes the cold weather and frozen ground.  He also expresses interest in the money he sent home for his family.

April 17, 1862 -Knight writes about his company prevailing in a battle with the Yankees, and their relocation to the Costans Bluff.

June 12, 1862 -Knight writes to his wife about the goods he received from her, and the lack of action going on right now.

June 26, 1862 -Knight writes on his aspirations to go home, and recollects on how nice the scenery is on Wilmington Island.

July 5, 1862 -Knight writes home about the seriousness of sickness spreading through the camps, including typhoid fever, chills and fever, and mumps. 

July 30, 1862 -Knight writes this letter to his wife responding to her efforts asking him to get discharged from the army.

August 3, 1862 -William writes to his wife about his father passing through the camp, and a fellow soldier dying.

August 27, 1862 -Knight explains to his wife that he has been sick, and just wanted to send her a letter letting her know he is feeling better.

September 2, 1862 -William writes this letter explaining his future plans to acquire land and what he wants to do with it.

September 11, 1862 -Knight explains that he should have done some field work the last time he was at home.

October 25, 1862 -Knight writes to his wife describing his return to camp from Florida and about a Yankee encounter.

November 9, 1862 -William writes this letter amusingly about his wife’s toothache and the rations of food given to each soldier.

November 23, 1862 -William Knight writes this letter in reference to his wife’s efforts to send him salt.

Folder 3

January 4, 1863 -William writes this letter to his wife about his roundtrip and his hunger.

February 25, 1863 -Knight writes this letter to his wife in an attempt to predict the end of the war.

March 6, 1863 -William Knight writes this letter explaining his thoughts on the future of America, and of a Yankee attack the previous night.

March 13, 1863 -This letter from William to his wife expresses his feelings on not being in debt after the war.

March 17, 1863 -William writes this letter to his father about the military inspections and the sickness in the camp.

March 21, 1863 -Knight writes this letter describing his thoughts on the capability of the Confederate army.

March 27, 1863 -William Knight writes in this letter his feelings about his wife not receiving some of the previous letters that he sent.

April 2, 1863 -In this letter Knight explains his spiritual beliefs and expresses concern on his wife’s health.

April 30/ May 1, 1863 -William writes this letter complaining about the army’s poor meal plan.

May 28, 1863 -Knight explains in this letter to his wife that there is a lack of information leaving or coming into his camp.

June 3, 1863 -William writes this letter to his wife about his troops’ recent march from one camp to another and the fact that there is flowing water there.

July 22, 1863 -William writes this letter to his wife about a skirmish with Yankee troops and a fellow soldier getting his head blown off.

August 10, 1863 -Knight writes this letter to his wife about his fight with diarrhea and the debt he owes.

August 29, 1863 -William Knight writes this letter to his wife about his entrance into the hospital.

September 20, 1863 -Content was unreadable

October 22, 1863 -Most of content unreadable, but found parts about soldiers eating food.

November 2, 1863 -Content was unreadable

Processing Date: Processed by Daniel Dorsey