Call Number  UA 24

Name:  Valdosta State Alumni Association

Dates:  1917-1990's

Size:   18 Boxes

Scope and Content: 

The SGSNC Alumnae Association began in May of 1918, although some publications put it in 1917.  It has continued on to the present day, as the VSU Alumni Association.  The VSU Alumni Association collection contains materials from 1918 to the present.  The purpose of the association is to keep the school's Alumni involved personally and financially with the college.  Thus, the bulk of the collection is correspondence and published newsletters.  The early Alumni performed other functions, such as recruiting for the school and funding scholarships. 

The correspondence, the bulk of which is from 1924-1932, with years up to 1960 well represented, documents a personal attachment between the alumni and the school and between the alumni and their friends who serve as officers.  Many of the presidents of the Alumni Association, such as Edith Patterson, and Mildred Price, were also employees of the college, so they regularly passed on appeals and messages from the President in their letters.  Later, an Alumni Council, composed of  VSC Faculty served as this link in the 1960's and 1970's.  Fluker Stewart was the first Alumni Director and served out of the office of College Relations. The Office of Alumni Relations was formed to assist the Alumni Association in the early 1980's, and many of the current publications of the Alumni Association are now assisted or handled by this Office. 

The Publications include early Alumni newsletters, which changed format quite often, and so are listed Alumni Publication, by year.  The most frequent title was Alumni News. Later publications are listed by title:  Valdosta State College Alumni News 1961-1962; Valdosta State College Newsletter: 1965-1966; Alumni Newsletter Valdosta State College 1966-1974; Alumni Association Newsletter and Alumni Football Newsletter--1981; Valdosta State College Bulletin, 1975-present.

The Association raised and dispersed money for scholarships and alumni entertainment and the records of these transactions, especially in the 1950's and 1960's are included in the Collection.  Membership and record keeping were other important functions of the Association, and many folders exist of Membership Lists.  In fact, in the 1930's a WPA project traced all graduates of the college to generate a complete alumni list.  The WPA project papers are included. 

Alumni Memoirs donated to the Archives over the years make up one box, and include slides, publications and photographs; a whole box of photographs capture the children of alumni.  The many personal letters in the Correspondence also tell biographical information about the alumni.  Two boxes of the collection contain letters to Edith Patterson, from 1922 to 1932, and give rich details of the lives of early alumni.

Official letterhead, invitations and programs, along with the woodcuts and photographic plates used in early printing of alumni publications are included in the Collection. 

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Subject Headings:

Purchell, Clyde

Williams, Natalie Sirmans

Johnson, Glen Blackwell

Grant, Morgan Majette

Schroer, Jon Corn

Howell, Virginia Peeples

Groover, Marion

Sineath, Anne Turner

Pendleton, Virginia Bolen

Stump, Lottie Jarrell

Workman, Mildred Turnbull

Smith, Morris

Patterson, Edith

Parrish, Virginia Tuck

McRae, Beth Whitaker

Price, Mildred

Coleman, Martha Johnston

Ferrell, Ken

Gulliver, Augusta Rentz

Henry, Leecy Goodloe

DeMott, Jerry

McRee, Elizabeth

Williams, Christine Poss

GEA (Georgia Educators Association)

Durrenberger, Hazel Joyner

Massy, Louise

Alumni Council

WPA (Works Projects Administration)

Alumni Committee

Kelly, Joseph


Thomas, Helen Allen

Miller, Angie Mae

Dunworth, Selina Wisenbaker

Gallaher, Ada Rose

Gautier, Mattie Peek

Gilfillan, Maybelle Bedell

Neva Mathis Tillman

Davis, Snead Young

Taylor, Angie Mae

Campbell, Lucile McGregor

Rebekah  Culbreth McGlamry

Wade, Bernice Jones


Alumni Association--Scholarship Fund

Alumni Association



GAE (Georgia Association of Educators


Armed Services--GSWC

World War II



Alumni Association--Minutes

Alumni Association--Correspondence

Finances--Alumni Association



Alumni Association--Finances

Minutes--Alumni Association

Correspondence--Alumni Association

Alumni Relations

Fountain Fund--Alumni Association

Alumni Association--Membership

Photographic Plates--GSWC






Alumni Children

World War I--SGSNC

World War II--GSWC

Great Depression--GSWC

Valdosta State College Alumni News

Valdosta State College Newsletter

Alumni Newsletter Valdosta State College

Alumni Football Newsletter

Alumni Association Newsletter

Valdosta State College Bulletin

Alumni Bulletin

Hopper, Annie Powe

Odum, Gertrude Gilmer


Boxes 1-5 contain Correspondence and Minutes dating back to 1918.  Both "official" correspondence from the Association officers, and chatty "catch-up with friends" letters from Alumni are included.  Edith Patterson, the first long term President of the Alumni Association, served from 1924 to 1932.  Her correspondence from 1922 to 1932 (she died in 1933), found in Boxes 3 and 4, include especially vivid letters from the early Alumnae.  Included here are speeches, and a History paper by Joseph Kelly on Edith Patterson and the early Alumni Association.  See also the Archives Web Page for  "Past Pictures: The Edith Patterson Years, 1924-1932."  The minutes are found in Box 2 and Box 5.

Box 1

Folder 1 Alumnae Association Form Letters 1919-1926

Folder 2 Alumni Correspondence 1927-1929

Folder 3. Alumni Correspondence 1930-1931

Folder 4. Alumni Correspondence1932-1933

Folder 5. Alumni Correspondence 1934

Folder 6. Alumni Correspondence 1935-1940

Folder 7. Alumni Correspondence 1941-1946

Folder 8. Alumni Correspondence 1947

Folder 9. Alumni Correspondence 1948

Folder 10. Alumni Correspondence 1949-1951

Box 2

Folder 1. Alumni Correspondence 1952

Folder 2.  Alumni Correspondence 1953

Folder 3. Alumni Correspondence 1954

Folder 4. Alumni Correspondence 1955-1957

Folder 5. Alumni Correspondence 1960-1967

Folder 6. Alumni Correspondence 1968-Present

Folder 7. Alumni Correspondence, No Date

Folder 8. Alumni Association, Minutes 1918-1926

Folder 9. Alumni Association, Minutes, 1925-1926

Folder 10. Alumni Association, Minutes, 1927-1945

Folder 11. Alumni Association, Minutes, 1937-1938

Folder 12. Alumni Association, Minutes, 1946-1960

Folder 13. Alumni Association, Minutes, 1961-1965

Folder 14. Alumni Association, Minutes, 1966-1980

Edith Patterson Correspondence and Materials:

Box 3

Folder 1. Edith Patterson Correspondence, 1922-1923

Folder 2. Edith Patterson Correspondence, 1924, A-K

Folder 3. Edith Patterson Correspondence, 1924, L-Z

Folder 4. Edith Patterson Correspondence, 1925

Folder 5. Edith Patterson Correspondence, 1926

Folder 6. Edith Patterson Correspondence, 1927, A-K

Folder 7. Edith Patterson Correspondence, 1927, L-Z

Box 4

Folder 1. Edith Patterson Correspondence, 1928

Folder 2. Edith Patterson Correspondence, 1929

Folder 3. Edith Patterson Correspondence, 1930

Folder 4. Edith Patterson Correspondence, 1931

Folder 5. Edith Patterson Correspondence, 1932

Folder 6. Edith Patterson Correspondence,  No Date

Folder 7. Alumni Association--Correspondence from Edith Patterson

Folder 8. Edith Patterson--Speeches and Speech Materials

Folder 9. Alumnae to Alumni: The GSWC Alumni Association--The Edith Patterson Years by Joseph W. Kelly

Box 5

Folder 1. VSU Alumni Association, Minutes and Notes, 1990's (Part 1)

Folder 2. VSU Alumni Association, Minutes and Notes, 1990's (Part 2)

Folder 3. VSU Alumni Association--Ambassadors

Boxes 6-10 contain organizational information, outlining the history, concerns, membership and financial records of the Association.  Here are found items from plays, membership lists, ledgers, the constitution, special topics and articles.  Of particular note are the poems, speeches and essays by Alumni found in this section.

Box 6

Folder 1. Alumni Association--History, Presidents, Lifetime Members--1960's

Folder 2. Alumni Association--Special Topics--Past Presidents

Folder 3. Alumni Association--Constitution

Folder 4. Alumni Association--Special Topics--Constitutions, Other Associations

Folder 5. Alumni Association--Scholarship Fund Rules

Folder 6. Alumni Association-- Pamphlets and Articles on Alumni Work

Folder 7. Alumni Association--Special Topics--Permanent Class Secretaries

Folder 8. Alumni Association--Special Topics--Class Secretary Form Letters

Folder 9. Alumni Association--Special Topics--Local Chapters

Folder 10. Alumni Association--Special Topics--Local Chapters--Atlanta

Folder 11. Alumni Association--Special Topics--Alumnae Association Ideas and Suggestions for Local Chapters

Folder 12. Alumni Association--Special Topics--Local Registration Lists

Folder 13. Alumni Association--Distinguished Alumni Award

Folder 14. Alumni Association--Special Topics--GAE Correspondence

Folder 15. Alumni Association--Special Topics--GAE Field Work Statistics

Folder 16. Alumni Council (Professional Association for Alumni Organizations)

Folder 17. Alumni Committee (composed of VSC faculty in 1960's)

Folder 18. Alumni Association--Alumni Development Committee (1970's)

Folder 19. Alumni Association--WPA Alumnae Project

Box 7

Folder 1.  Alumni Association--Annual Banquet Programs

Folder 2. Alumni Association--Banquets, Dinners, etc. VSC, VSU (1980's- 1990's)

Folder 3. Alumni Association--Class History--Records

Folder 4. Alumni Association--Class History Records, class of 1931 in 1954

Folder 5.  Alumni Association--Class Lists, 1920's

Folder 6.  Alumni Association--Dedications (early Alumni deaths, 1918-1935)

Folder 7.   Alumni Association--Homecoming (clippings & log book)

Folder 8.  Alumni Association--Letterhead (see also box UA 24 Box 17 for woodcuts used to make Letterhead)

Folder 9. Alumni Association--Miscellaneous--Early GSWC

Folder 10. Alumni Association-Speeches, Lists, Plans and Correspondence, 1921-1931

Folder 11. Alumnae Play--1950's (History of VSU)

Folder 12. Speeches and College Histories

Folder 13. Alumni Association--Poems, Stories, and Essays

Folder 14. Alumni Association--Special Topics Armed Services Records--Photographs included

Folder 15. Alumni Association--Special Topics--Class Presidents

Folder 16. Alumni Association--Special Topics--Privileges

Folder 17. Alumni Association--Special Topics--Fountain Fund

Folder 18. Alumni Association--Special Topics--1950's Alumni Day Questionnaires

Folder 19. Alumni Association--Special Topics--Projects

Folder 20. Alumni Association--Special Topics--Recruiting

Folder 21. Alumni Association--Special Topics--Welcome New Members

Box 8:

Folder 1. Alumni Association--Financial Information--Bank Statements 1968-1973

Folder 2. Alumni Association--Financial Information--Notepads

Folder 3. Alumni Association--Financial Information--Deposit Books

Folder 4. Alumni Association--Financial Information--Finance--1941-1943

Folder 5. Alumni Association--Financial Information--Report on Examination of Records, 1969

Folder 6. Alumni Association--Financial Information--Statements--1968-1969

Box 9:

Folder 1. Alumni Association--Finances--1920's

Folder 2: Alumni Association--Ledger, 1920's

Item 3. Alumni Association, Journal--1949-1959

Folder 4. Alumni Association--Contributions, 1968-1969

Folder 4. Alumni Association--Contributions, 1970-1971

Folder 5. Alumni Association--Contributions, 1971-1972

Folder 6. Alumni Association--Paid Invoices, 1970-1972

Box 10:

Item 1. Membership Lists--Ledger--1929-1959

Item 2. Membership Lists--GSWC Alumni Registration List--Notebook--1920's and 1940's

Folder 3. Alumni Association--Alumni Lists (Pt. 1)

Folder 4. Alumni Association--Alumni Lists (Pt. 2)

Folder 5. Alumni Association--GSWC Students thru 1939 (made for WPA alumni survey)

Folder 6. GSWC Ga. Alumni, 1948

Folder 7. Special Topics Alumni Lists--1920's

Boxes 11-16 contain the Printed or Published Material from the Alumni Association.  The early newsletters varied so much in format and title, that they are listed by year as Printed Material

Box 11:

Folder 1. Alumni Association Printed Material--1932

Folder 2. Alumni Association Printed Material--1933

Folder 3. Alumni Association Printed Material--1934

Folder 4. Alumni Association Printed Material--1935

Folder 5. Alumni Association Printed Material--1937

Folder 6. Alumni Association Printed Material--1938

Folder 7. Alumni Association Printed Material--1939

Folder 8. Alumni Association Printed Material--1940

Folder 9. Alumni Association Printed Material--1941

Folder 10. Alumni Association Printed Material--1942

Folder 11. Alumni Association Printed Material--1945

Folder 12. Alumni Association Printed Material--1946

Folder 13. Alumni Association Printed Material--1947

Folder 14. Alumni Association Printed Material--1948

Folder 15. Alumni Association Printed Material--1949

Folder 16. Alumni Association Printed Material--1950

Folder 17. Alumni Association Printed Material--1951

Folder 18. Alumni Association Printed Material--1952

Folder 19. Alumni Association Printed Material--1953

Folder 20. Alumni Association Printed Material--1954

Folder 21. Alumni Association Printed Material--1955

Folder 22. Alumni Association Printed Material--1956

Folder 23. Alumni Association Printed Material--1957

Folder 24. Alumni Association Printed Material--1958

Folder 25. Alumni Association Printed Material--1959

Folder 26. Alumni Association Printed Material--1960

Folder 27. Alumni Association Printed Material--1990's

Box 12


Valdosta State College Alumni News 1961-1962

Valdosta State College Newsletter: 1965-1966

Alumni Newsletter Valdosta State College 1966-1974

Alumni Association Newsletter and Alumni Football Newsletter--1981

Box 13:


Valdosta State College Bulletin--1975-1984

Box 14:


Valdosta State College Bulletin--1985-1991

Box 15:


Valdosta State College (University)Bulletin--1992-1998

Folder 1. Alumni Bulletin Draft 1991

Box 16:


Alumni Bulletin (Magazine Edition): Fall 1994, Fall 1995, Fall 1996, Fall 1997, all 1998 and 1999, to present

Boxes 17 and 18 contain photographic plates and woodcuts used in early Alumni Association publications as well as Alumni Memoirs.  The memoirs include publications, pictures, letters, slides, and a box of pictures of Alumni's children.

Box 17:

Photographic Plates and Woodcuts

Photographic Plate: Tall Pine Trees

Photographic Plate: A Play, 18th Century Costume, Sword fight

Photographic Plate: Archery

Photographic Plate: Mayday Maypole

Photographic Plate: House in the Woods

Photographic Plate: Faces

Woodcuts: The Continents

Woodcuts: West Dome, VSC Arch and Pinecone

Woodcuts: Window

Woodcuts: Book spines

Woodcuts: Catalog card

Woodcuts: VSC Alumni Celebration

Woodcuts: West Hall and Pine branch

Folder: Photographic Plates and Woodcuts

Box 18:

Alumni Memoirs and Reminiscences

Folder 1. Alumni Reminiscences (writings by Alumni, Taylor and Thomas)

Folder 2. Campbell, Lucile McGregor

Folder 3. Davis, Snead Young

Folder 4. Dunworth, Selina Wisenbaker

Folder 5. Gallaher, Ada Rose (Photographs and Programs)

Folder 6. Letters from Gallaher, Ada Rose

Folder 7. Gautier, Mattie Peek

Folder 8. Gilfillan, Maybelle Bedell

Folder 9. Neva Mathis Tillman

Folder 10. Rebekah  Culbreth McGlamry

Folder 11. Wade, Bernice Jones

Slides: 1957-1961 Homecoming Parade


Napkin: VSC 1913-1963 Celebration

Box: Alumni Family Pictures--Labeled pictures of Children of Alumni