Call Number  UA 22-6-2

Name:  A finding aid to the papers related to Valdosta State College History held in the Valdosta State University Archives.

Dates:   1906-1992, Bulk 1950-1975                        

Size:  1 Box; 13 Folders


This collection contains material from the 1950-1993 time period in Valdosta State University history.  During this time Valdosta State University was known as Valdosta State College. Renamed VSC from Georgia State Womans College in 1950, the school embarked on a new era as a co-ed campus. During the 1950?s the University expanded with the acquisition of the former Emory University campus at Valdosta in 1953, this became what is now known as North Campus. Greek organizations began to appear on campus towards the end of the 1950s, continuing to expand the student organization offerings on campus. During the 1960?s a building boom began on campus, expanding facilities to keep up with the growing enrollment. Due to ill health, Dr. Thaxton retired as VSC president in 1966, a post he had held since 1949. The new president, Dr. S. Walter Martin, continued the expansion of the VSC. Between 1966 and 1978 he oversaw the completion of the library, the Fine Arts Center, the Education Center, and three additional dormitories. The college was expanding at a record pace. The loss of Converse hall to fire in spring 1978 slowed progress. The tragedy was felt by all, as VSC had lost both student housing and a part of history. In the summer of 1978 Dr. Martin retired as president of VSC, making way for the tenure of Dr. Hugh C. Bailey. Under the guidance of Dr. Bailey Converse hall was rebuilt by 1981, and the college expanded its educational offerings, adding satellite locations and graduate programs, all while continuing to increase enrollment. Sports became an integral part of the campus as football was added to the sports team lineup in 1982. Along with the expansion of the sports team came a new P.E. Complex for the use of VSC students in 1982. The 1980s and early 1990s saw continued expansion of VSC, as the college continued to add sports, educational programs, buildings, and students. In 1993 Valdosta State College became Valdosta State University, a regional university of the University System of Georgia. After 43 years as VSC, the campus was renamed again to reflect the continued expansion.

Scope and Content

The collection contains a wide variety of materials relating to the history of Valdosta State University as Valdosta State College from 1950-1993. Items include note cards, newspaper articles, bound documents, bulletins, journal publications, short essays, pamphlets, and photographs.  The collection contains both an unbound and a bound copy of Valdosta State College: The First Half Century  written by Miss Thera Hambrick, along with the original note cards used. The information contained on the note cards and in the document cover the 1906-1961 time period of campus. Other articles written by Miss Hambrick are present in this collection, along with a folder containing a pamphlet from her memorial service and a copy of her obituary. Articles included in the collection come from various sources including The Valdosta Daily Times, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, The Florida Times-Union, VSC Bulletin, The Southernaire, and The Spectator, the VSC/VSU college newspaper. Other items in the collection include the alma mater, VSC songs, the retirement announcement of Dr. Thaxton, the inauguration booklet for Dr. S. Walter Martin, homecoming programs, Alumni contact information for male students from 1950-1954, musical and orchestra programs, numerous photographs including building dedications, and several random papers containing brief histories of the campus.

Subject Headings:

Valdosta State College

Valdosta State University 

Hambrick, Thera 

The Spectator

1912 Trustees

VSU Alumni Association

VSU Library

Thaxton, Dr. J. Ralph

Martin, S. Walter 

Bailey, Hugh C. 

VSC Bulletin

Florida Times Union

Georgia State Womans College

Education Center

Gabard, William M.

Roosevelt, Eleanor

Gulliver, Harold

Georgia Education Journal

Valdosta Concert Association

South Georgia State Normal College

North Campus

Nevins, Beatrice 

Valdosta State College: The First Half Century

Board of Regents 

Valdosta Daily Times

Atlanta Journal Constitution

Converse Hall

Campus Buildings


Folder 1:  Note Cards used by Miss Thera Hambrick for Valdosta State College: The First Half Century. Information on the cards date 1906-1961.

Folder 2: (Bound Document) Valdosta State College: The First Half Century. A Bound copy of Miss Hambrick's work. Covers History of the college from founding in 1906 to 1961.

Folder 3:  1977/1980 Orientation Issues of The Spectator, the VSC college newspaper. Topics cover orientation, information on and notices from college departments/clubs/organizations, campus services for students, and majors available. A copy of the 1988 VSC Bulletin is included. The bulletin provides an update of the college as of 1988, the possibly of the formation of a regional university, and an article in which Dr. William Gabard reflects on 40 years at VSC. Pictures of Homecoming 1988 form the center of the bulletin.

Folder 4: Georgia Education Journal. May 1960 edition. This edition contains a short article and 10 pictures relating to VSC on pages 16-17.

Folder 5: A clipping from the Dec. 11, 1988 Valdosta Daily Times. The clipping is the Obituary of Miss Thera Hambrick. Also included is a copy of the pamphlet from her memorial service.

Folder 6:  This folder contains 7 Valdosta Daily Times articles from 1959-1992. Article dated Nov 4, 1958 – VSC growth and expansion of degree offering. Article dated 1959 – VSC current enrollment, budget, degrees offered, and brief history of the college. Article dated August 22, 1960 – light history of the founding of VSC along with commentary from then VSC president Dr. J. Ralph Thaxton. Valdosta Daily Times section dated Nov 8, 1981 – the entire section (20 pages) focuses solely on the history of VSC. Articles within the section include Past Presidents, Commentary from Dr. Hugh C. Bailey (then VSC president), and first hand accounts from VSC faculty, staff, students, and visitors. Article dated Feb. 2, 1986 – covers the possibility of VSC becoming a University. Article dated Feb. 8, 1990 – the donation of a record height corn plant to VSC. Article dated Sept. 2, 1992 – a historical write-up of the 1913 Christmas Festival.

Folder 7: The Folder contains: VSC postcard picturing the Education Center, copy of the alma mater, 1954 VSC college facts pamphlet, 1968-1969 VSC facts fold out packet, and a song sheet containing rhymes and songs, some specific to VSC.

Folder 8: This folder contains the contact information for the male Alumni of VSC who attended between 1950 and 1954. Written at the bottom of the contact sheet is the fact that Pi Kappa Phi was the first Greek Fraternity on campus.

Folder 9:  This folder contains 2 photos and 1 article from the Valdosta State College News Agency. The article, dated 2 October 1975, is about the lost cornerstone for Converse Hall. One of the photographs is from the rededication of the cornerstone, taken on October 1, 1975 during the ceremony. The other photograph is a photograph from Jan. 2963 picturing two ladies on the front lawn.

Folder 10:  This folder contains an unbound copy of Valdosta State College: The First Half Century by Thera Hambrick. Two outlines for the work, also written by Miss Hambrick are included. Also in the folder, a paper on VSC history dated 2 October 1959, a "Brief History and Facts about Valdosta State College" sheet from 1968 (dated March 2, 1968), and another subtitled 1975-1976 (dated July 7, 1975).

Folder 11:  This folder contains programs from concerts between 1951-1960.  These concerts took place at VSC or in Valdosta. Performances include Josef Marias and Miranda, Don Cossack Chorus, Virtuosi Di Roma, Leonard Warren, Robert McDowell, La Boheme, Irene Jordan, Victor Herbert Festival, Ruth and Thomas Martin, Nelson and Neal, The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, the Houston Symphony Orchestra, Pittsburg Symphony Orchestra, American Piano Trio. Other organizations mentioned include the Civic Music Association and Valdosta Concert Association.

Folder 12: This folder contains photocopies of newspaper articles and photographs. Articles and photographs came from The SpectatorThe Florida Times Union, and The Valdosta Daily Times. Items include : an article from The Valdosta Daily Times titled ?Milestones of Valdosta State College? dated 7 October 1954 featuring several pictures, an article on Dr. H. Gulliver's return to Yale for an alumni banquet dated 22 May1960, a Valdosta Daily Times article dated 14 July 1971 that tells about the decision to have the VSC Library dedication at night in the spring, an undated photo from inside the VSC Library, an undated article titled "The Four Presidents", which covers presidents Powell, Pound, Reade, and Thaxton, a photo from 1973 of the recently constructed Education center, a photo of students attempting to register outside the gymnasium, a photo subtitled "To many cars, not enough parking spaces: perennial problem",  and a photo taken in 1972 titled "Letson Dedicates Ed. Center."

Folder 13:  The last folder in the collection contains various handouts, pamphlets, newspaper articles, booklets, essays, magazine articles, mailers, and monthly publications. In chronological order, the first item is a program from the May 1, 1954 Homecoming at VSC. Next are four copies of the May 1956 edition of The Southernaire, which features VSC as the College of the Month. A VSC Rebels Homecoming mailer from the Alumni Association is included. The mailer features a brief schedule, stating that Homecoming will be February 10-11, 1961, and letter to the alumni, which requests an RSVP for Homecoming and the Homecoming luncheon.  The next item is a typed document dated 5 March 1963. This document, part of the "Thaxton Papers 5th Anniversary", covers a brief history of VSC with a 1962-1963 update. An original copy of the card which announces the retirement of President Thaxton and appointment of S. Walter Martin as President of VSC effective July 1, 1966, is included still in its envelope.  This item is followed by the program from Dr. Thaxton's Appreciation Dinner dated 3 June 1966, then the booklet from the Inauguration of S. Walter Martin on November 15-16, 1966. Other items in the folder include: Presidents Annual Report mailer for the 1966-1967 year. Article dated 13 February 1970 from the Florida Times Union over the initiation of a 2-school academic program at VSC. Booklet from the Office of College Relations titled "The Past Decade: 1962-1972." Article dated 17 June 1973 from the Atlanta Journal Constitution covering the relationship between Registrar Mrs. Thomas and VSC, including her receipt of emeritus status in 1973. Article copy on VSC history, written by Thera Hambrick, pages 12-14, from an unknown publication. Article of unknown publication date on the dedication of Nevins Hall to Dr. Beatrice Nevins.  Two copies of the alma mater, an undated article titled "VSC established for women only in 1906"  featuring a picture of Dr. Thaxton. Paper written by Ted Booker, titled "Follow up services at Valdosta State College."

Processing Date: 7 November 2006

Author of Finding Aid: Landon Lasseter