Call Number:  UA 8/9

Name:  History Department: An Inventory of Its Records at the Valdosta State University Archives

Dates: 1964-Present

Size: 13 folders (Open)

History of the Department:    The Valdosta State History Department is under the College of Arts and Sciences.  It has had the following heads of the department during the Valdosta State College and University years:  Dr. William M. Gabard, documented in the Pinecone from at least 1964 until 1974;  Dr. Gordon Teffteller, 1974-1981; Dr. Joseph Tomberlin, 1981-2000; and Dr. David Williams, 2000 – present.

Scope and Content:  The Collection is not comprehensive but contains scattered  holdings.  The collection contains History Recruiting brochures from Valdosta State College; brochures and flyers from programs and conferences sponsored by the history department from the 1970’s through early 1990’s; scattered memos; annual departmental Newsletters from 1964-1988, and a bibliography of departmental publications.  A paper describing the  Georgia Consortium, made up of 12 four year institutions of the University System of Georgia, of which William Gabard was director is included.  Two grants Committee for the Humanities in Georgia are included: “American Foreign Policy: Retreat or Rebirth, 1978”  and “Humanistic Values and Issues Facing Americans in 1980.”  A brochure lists undergraduate research presented at the Phi Alpha Theta State Convention in 1987.  Publication activity of  the department is reflected in letters about the Piney Woods Journal of History, and published articles by Dale Peoples, Joseph Tomberlin, and William Gabard.

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Subject Headings:

History Department

History Department Newsletter

Gabard, William

Tomberlin, Joesph

Peeples, Dale

Georgia Consortium

Piney Woods Journal

Phi Alpha Theta

Studies in the Social Sciences

Ward, John Elliot

Scruggs: William L.



The papers include the following parts:

[Folder 1] Memos                       

[Folder 2] Admissions: History Department

[Folder 3] Brochures

[Folder 4] Newsletter

[Folder 5] Bibliography

[Folder 6] Georgia Consortium

[Folder 7] American Foreign Policy: Retreat or Rebirth

[Folder 8] Humanistic Values and Issues Facing America—1980

[Folder 9] Phi Alpha Theta State Convention

[Folder 10] Piney Woods Journal of History

[Folder 11] Studies in the Social Sciences Article by Dr. William Gabard

[Folder 12] Studies in the Social Sciences Article by Dr. Dale Peeples

[Folder 13] Article, Dr. Joseph Tomberlin

Processing Date: 2/2002 by Deborah S. Davis and Nan Canington