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To update or verify your contact information in Banner:

  1. Log in to MyVSU and click the Banner link
  2. Click the General Menu tab > click Create or Update your Campus Alert Phone Number
  3. Edit or complete the requested fields
  4. Click Save Campus Alert Preferences and Phone Number at the bottom of the screen
  5. Sign out

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Banner 9 Web Guide

The Student Profile displays your biographical and academic information; as well as enable you to access several related Banner applications such as your schedule, registration, Visual Schedule Builder, and Degree Works.

Banner 9 Web Student Profile: Demographic and Academic Information

Campus Alert

The VSU Campus Alert System uses telephone numbers  that have been entered in Banner (students) and USG(employees) systems to provide student, faculty, and staff  update to date information in the event of a campus emergency.  In addition, VSU students, faculty and staff may choose to opt out of receiving SMS/text messages and voice calls to their personal telephone numbers.

How to create or update my Campus Alert phone number?

Click the GENERAL MENU tab> click Create or Update your Campus Alert phone number

For more information, visit the VSU Campus Police site.

Within the STUDENT ACCOUNT  MENU, you will see the following options:

What is an Nelnet Payment Plan?

In partnership with Nelnet Business Solutions, VSU offers this payment option for students who are in need to pay for class(es) and tuition fees. This is not covered by Financial Aid and/or other sources but a loan directly from Nelnet. Students will be able to have a payment plan to break down their tuition balance into monthly payments. 

For more information, visit the Nelnet Payment Plan site,  the VSU site on How to Pay Fees, or contact Financial Services: 229.333.5708

What is the Online Student Account Center?

An online student financial system designed to help students with the following:

  • Get up-to-date account balance and view real-time activity.
  • Make secure payments online (electronic check or credit/debit card).
  • Verify that financial aid funds are fully authorized and counting as a credit toward your student account balance.
  • Setup direct deposit information so refunds can be deposited into your bank account electronically.  
  • View your payment and refund history.
  • Allow someone else to make payments on your student account by going through the Granting Access to an Authorized User page

For more information visit our Online Account Center Instructions site, the  Online Student Account Center site, contact the Student Financial Services Bursary 229.333.5725, or email Financial Services Bursary at (Include your student ID# and name)

All students living on-campus are auto-enrolled in the Blazer All Access plan if a meal plan is not selected during registration. Access your student account in Banner at any time before the posted meal plan change deadline to select a different plan (based on your eligibility). The meal plan change deadline is always the first Thursday of the first official week of classes at noon (12 pm).  The deadline is posted in the meal plan selection screen in Banner and on the 1Card website.

How to select a Meal Plan?

  1. After clicking a Meal Plan > select  Term ( You will be redirected to a new page)
  2.  You will see two option:  Meal Plan Selection or Add Dining Dollars Option

Being able to a term to start a meal plan

Upon the the Meal Plan:

 select an Meal Plan> select a desireable Meal plan > Click Submit Plan

select the type of option you want as a student as a student (Meal Plan)

Upon the the Dining Dollars Plans Option:

select Dining Dollars Plans Option>  select a desireable Meal plan >Click Submit Plan

Students having the ability to option to pick the amount of Dining Dollar he/she wants in their 1card

For more information, visit our Meal Plans site, for any questions contact the VSU 1Card Services office   

To check out what is open on campus to eat, visit the Valdosta State University Dining Services site

(Email correspondence should be sent from your email account and should include your VSU student I.D. number (870# on your 1Card) and as much detailed information as possible. ) 

Within the FINANCIAL AID MENU, you will see the following options:

Applying for VSU Scholarships And View VSU Scholarship Application

 Allow students to fill out  an application to get an Scholarships with the addition to review your VSU Scholarship Application. This is also call the VSU General Scholarship Application. The Scholarship Application will start on October 1, 2019  and will end on day of March 1, 2019.


Scholarships are a great way to help students pay for college without having to incur additional debt. Scholarships can come from any organization such as a church, business, fraternity/sorority, government, etc. Be wary of scholarships that require some form of payment; this is not generally within the spirit of scholarship giving and is not recommended by the Office of Financial Aid.

For more information or try see if you get a scholarship, visit the VSU Scholarships site or contact the VSU Office Financial Aid 229.333.5935

Other Financial Aid Information

This link is to get student, faculty, and staff  back to Banner Legacy in case the user can not find what he or she may be looking for as far a Financial Aid information such as the following:

  • My Overall Status of Financial Aid -View overall status; View holds; View academic progress; View cost of attendance; Read messages; View financial aid awards.
  • My Eligibility- Review Financial Aid Holds (which may prevent payment of awards) and document requirements; Display academic progress history; View academic transcript.
  • My Award Information- View account summary; Review awards by aid year; Accept award offers by aid year; Review award history; Display award payment schedule; View history of loan applications.
  • Apply for VSU Scholarships - Submit or view an application for a VSU offered scholarship.
  • View VSU Scholarship Application - Submit or view an application for a VSU offered scholarship.
  • Contact VSU Financial Aid Office - Send an e-mail to the VSU Financial Aid office
  • Access Government Services - View federal government student services information
  • Student Authorization- Student Authorization
  • Student Accountt- Review account charges, payments, refunds and tax notifications. Pay fees with credit/debit card or webcheck

( A separate login maybe required)

The 2019-2020 FAFSA is available to complete now at or the myStudentAid app.

Select for federal verification?


For more information, visit our Financial Aid site 2019-2020 FAFSA

Class Registration

After selecting the Registration option, a new tab will open with the following options:  

  1.  Prepare for Registration - View registration status, update student term data, and complete pre-registration requirements.
  2.  View Registration - View your past schedules and your upgraded classes.
  3.  Add, Drop, and Withdraw Classes - Search and register to your classes. You can also view and manage your schedule.
  4.  Browse Classes - Looking for classes? In this section you can browse classes you find interesting.
  5.  Browse Course Catalog - Look up basic course information like subject, course, and description.


Contact the Office of the Registrar or University Advising & Student Transitions regarding your registration status, scheduling, major requirements, and other registration issues.

Adhere to Fee Payment Deadlines to avoid class cancellation. For more information, email the Bursary or call at 229-333-5725 or 1-800-618-1878 (option 6).

How to browse/ search for classes? 

  1. Click Browse Classes > Select a term > click Continue
  2. Type in the Subject (e.g. Nursing, Political Science, English), Course Number, or Keyword, and click Search> Your class(es) will appear in a roster.
    • When searching for Honor course, add an "H" or "%" to the course you are searching for (e.g. English 1101H or English 1101%). The same goes for searching for a course in Visual Schedule Builder.

User are being able to look for classes that the user is interested upon.

How can I browse through my courses Catalog? 

  1. Click Browse Course Catalog>Select a term and click Continue
  2. Type in the Subject (e.g. Nursing, Political Science, English), Course Number, or Keyword > click Search >Your class(es) will appear in a roster.

User is able to look up basic course information such as subject, course and description

How to Browse for Required Textbooks

Prepare for Registration

  1. Click Prepare for Registration> select a term > Click Continue> Your Registration Status will display

 (This will reveal your Student StatusAcademic Statuswhether you have holds on your accounthow long you have to registerearned hours, and your Class Standing)

User being able to view registration status, update student term data, and complete pre-registration requirements.

  1.  After selecting Registration > select Add, Drop, and Withdraw>  Select a Term (You will be redirected to a new page)  
  2. Once you select a term ( Fall, Spring, and Summer) > click Continue> a new page will appear revealing three sections: ClassesSchedule, and Summary
  3.  Under Schedule, your registered classes will appear on a weekly class schedule labeled with days and times.
    •  The tab labeled Schedule Details show a detail description of your class
  4.  Under Summary, your selected classes will appear in a roster under the status Registered.
    • In the field of Action, you will have the option to WEB drop your class, which can be completed by clicking Submit.
  • weekly schedule

view summary

How to Register for classes?

  1. After selecting Registration > select Add, Drop, and Withdraw>  Select a Term (You will be redirected to a new page)  
  2. Once you select a term ( Fall, Spring, and Summer) > click Continue> A new page will appear revealing three sections: ClassesSchedule, and Summary

registration page

In the Classes portion, you will see the following tabs: Find Classes (The option to search for class(es) upon class name and Course number), Enter CRNs (The option to find class(es) by entering the CRNs) , and Schedule and Options(display your registered schedule).

3. If you choose to pick class(es) under Find Classes:

  •  Type in the Subject (e.g. Nursing, Political Science, English)> Course Number, or Keyword > click Search.

             (Your class(es) will appear in a roster and you have the option to Add the class.)

  • Searching classes

4. If you choose to pick class(es) under Enter CRN:

     Enter or paste the CRNs from the “Find Classes” tab> click Add to Summary.

typing crn

5. Under Schedule and Options, your selected classes will appear in a roster under the status Registered.

registration schedule

How to Drop/Withdraw from Classes?

  1. Log into Banner and click the Registration Menu
  2. Below the Registration Menu click Registration
  3. Select Add, Drop, and Withdraw Class
  4. Select a term (i.e. Fall 2019) and click Continue 
  5. Move over to Class Summary and select the class Drop Down Menu
  6. Select Web Withdrawal and click Submit. 

An alternative way to register for class is through VSB also known as Visual Schedule Builder. 

What is Visual Schedule Builder?

 Visual Schedule Builder (VSB) is a dynamic, real-time class scheduling and registration tool. VSB arranges your desired courses into conflict-free timetable options and displays them in an easy-to-read weekly schedule.

Once you select the schedule that works best for you, simply click a button and register!
DisclaimerVSB does not replace the need for academic advising or degree auditing.

 For more information, visit our Visual Schedule Builder site or contact the Office of Registrar: 229.333.5727
For Academic Advising, visit our University Advising & Student Transitions site  or contact the Advising Center: 229.245.4378