Fee Payment Deadlines -To avoid the possibility of class cancellation, student account balances must be paid in full or covered by sufficient authorized financial aid no later than the fee payment deadline. To determine if anticipated financial aid is authorized, please log into the VSU Online Student Account Center and view the account balance including estimated financial aid. If the anticipated financial aid is not reflected, please contact the Financial Aid Office for assistance.

Invoices for Term Charges -Invoices are provided electronically as ‘Real-time eBill Statements’ in the Online Student Account Center. To generate a Real-time eBill Statement:
                     1. Log into the Online Student Account Center
                     2. Click Real-time eBill Statement
                     3. Select the Term
                     4. Click Submit

Authorized User Access -Students may grant other parties (such as parents or guardians) their own log-in access to the Online Student Account Center. As an Authorized User, an individual is able to make online payments; they can also be granted access to view Real-time eBill Statements, 1098-T tax statements, and payment history/financial account activity.  For questions on how to pay fees and payments types accepted, please view the How To Pay Fees web page.

Summer 2023

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Fall 2023

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Student Account Dates - Summer 2023

Summer 2023 Dates

Summer I



Summer IV

Registration Opens

Nov 1

Nov 1

Nov 1

Begin Fee Assessment

Mar 1

Mar 1

Mar 1

Email Reminders of Real-time eBill Statement Availability

Mar 27

Mar 27

Mar 27

First Day to Move Excess to FLEX

May 9 (9:00am)

May 30 (9:00am)


First Day of Classes

May 11

June 7

July 5

Last Day to Enroll in Nelnet Payment Option


June 9 (11:59pm)


Registration Ends


May 12 (11:59pm)

June 9 (11:59pm)

July 5 (11:59 PM)

Last Day to Change Banner Mailing Address (for checks mailed in first disbursement)
May 23 June 20


Last Day to Move Excess to FLEX (via Banner Registration)

May 16 (5:00pm)

June 9 (5:00pm)


Last Day to Setup Direct Deposit Info

May 23 (only for students with May classes, excluding eCore)

June 22


Direct Deposit Released to VSU’s Bank

May 26 (only for students with May classes, excluding eCore)

June 23

normal weekly process

Checks Mailed via USPS

May 30 (only for students with May classes, excluding eCore)

June 26

normal weekly process

































If you have any Questions, please email the Bursary or call at 229-333-5725.