If you are awarded a scholarship from a source other than Valdosta State University, such as: a large corporation, hometown church, professional organization, etc., you must follow these procedures. This will facilitate the processing of your scholarship so that the scholarship can be applied to your tuition, fees, and other charges and also the processing of an excess check (if excess funds remain after all charges are paid), based on the terms of the scholarship provider.

  1. Send/Take your scholarship award letter or scholarship check to the Office of Financial Aid as soon as you receive it for processing as a financial aid award. At this time, the scholarship may be used to reduce the amount of your fees.
  2. The check will then be sent to the Bursary so that the scholarship payment can actually be applied to your student account.
  3. After the scholarship has been applied to your student account, excess funds may then be set aside and placed on a FLEX account to use for the purchase of books through the VSU Bookstore only.
  4. If all of your charges have been satisfied, and funds remain, an excess check will be processed and sent to you, via direct deposit or check, on or after the published date for mailing of excess checks (depending on the date the check is received by VSU).

Please direct any questions regarding a scholarship to the Office of Financial Aid prior to sending your scholarship award letter/check to Valdosta State University.

Once your scholarship check has been sent to Valdosta State University, if you have questions, please email studentacounts@valdosta.edu or call the University Bursary at 229-333-5725.