In the event of an emergency or safety issue, Valdosta State University uses RAVE Mobile Safety to send messages to students, faculty, and staff via email (, voice, and SMS/text. The privacy and priority of this information will be preserved and will not be shared with third parties for commercial purposes.

The VSU Campus Alert System uses telephone numbers (voice and SMS/text) that have been entered in Banner (students) and OneUSG (faculty and staff) systems. All VSU email addresses ( are included in VSU emergency alerts and current students, faculty, and staff will not be able to opt-out of receiving email messages via the VSU email system.  

VSU students, faculty, and staff may choose to opt out of receiving SMS/text messages and voice calls to their personal telephone numbers; however, this is not recommended because the delivery of an emergency message is usually faster via voice and SMS/text.

To update your voice and SMS/text information, please select the appropriate button below and follow the instructions:


  1. Go to “MyVSU” (at top of main website
  2. Username
  3. Password: Active Directory password
  4. Go to Banner Registration
  5. Personal Information
  6. Create or Update your Campus Alert phone number and SMS/text number (next to last choice from the bottom)
  7. Enter Primary Voice Phone Number and SMS (Text Message) Phone Number
  8. Select one of the choices below:
    • The Campus Alert Numbers displayed above are correct
    • I do not wish to provide a phone number for the Campus Alert notification system. I understand that my contact telephone numbers listed in Student Self Service may be used for the Campus Alert notification system.

Faculty and Staff

  1. Go to OneUSG Connect
  2. Enter user name/password
  3. Personal Details
  4. Contact Details
  5. Phone
  6. Enter numbers for voice and SMS/text
      • Campus Alert – Primary contact number (generally a cell number) to receive campus alert voice calls and/or sms/text message
      • Main – phone number at your desk to receive voice calls
      • Home (optional) – Personal phone number