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Valdosta State University is excited to have you as a part of our Online College for Career Advancement! Over the years, technology has played a number of critical roles in supporting the academic success of students, and the Division of Information Technology is committed to providing the resources and support you need to pursue yours. As a result, we want to share this collection of the technology resources that are available to you.

Tech Resources

  • VSU-Issued Laptops

    Students enrolled in the Online College for Career Advancement are issued laptops for the term of enrollment at Valdosta State University. Upon completion of or withdrawal from the program, the laptop must be returned to VSU. Students are responsible for the protection of the laptop while it is in their care. For recommendations on how to protect your device, please visit our Information Security Personal Device Protection Tips page.


    The Technology Services Portal is our hub for seeking technology assistance. It is available 24/7 and offers not only a multitude of self-help guides, but also allows students to create and check the status of help requests. As an added convenience, you can also add the Technology Services Portal to the portals section of your MyVSU account for quick access.


    In addition, we offer live support over the phone through our VSU Solutions Center (229-245-4357). The Solutions Center has extended hours of operation, including evenings and weekends to help ensure students can get the technology help they need. The hours of operation for our current semester can be found on this page. Students in the Valdosta area can also drop by our IT Helpdesk on the 2nd floor of Odum Library.


    Students using either their own personal computer or a VSU-issued computer are eligible to download several software packages at no cost that are commonly used in the university's programs:


    Office is a productivity suite used across the university that contains components like Word (for word processing), PowerPoint (for presentations), and Excel (for spreadsheets). Students are eligible for 5 copies of this software for PC or Mac and an additional 5 copies for mobile devices. Please see our guide for Installing Microsoft Office for steps to acquire the software.


    SPSS is a statistical analysis package that is commonly used in classes related to research or data. Students can request the software and registration key through our online SPSS Request Form (sign in with your MyVSU username and password). After installing the software on their computer, students will be prompted to enter the registration key provided. Please note that each year in October, the registration key for SPSS will change and students who wish to continue using the software will need to complete the request form again.


    There are a number of home-use software packages like Maple, Mathematica, and Autodesk that are limited in use to specific programs. If students need access to other software packages, we encourage them to utilize the Technology Services Portal or Solutions Center listed above.  

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