Work/Teach/Learn at Home Resources

Be productive and engaged even when you are not on VSU's beautiful campus . . . these Tech Tools are designed to help faculty, staff and students to work and learn dynamically no matter where they are. You may already be familiar with some of these tools; while others may be unique to working, teaching, and learning remotely. Either way, if you need additional help:

Contact VSU Solutions Center

Solutions Center Valdosta State University
  • Two-Factor Authentication & MyVSU

    • Use 2FA and the Microsoft Authenticator App (the easiest method) to securely log in to MyVSU, OneUSG, and GeorgiaFIRST while off-campus.

    • Use the MyVSU WEB PORTAL to access VSU email & Office 365, Banner, BlazeVIEW, Success Portal, and many more online applications.

    • Use the self-service PASSWORD RESET TOOL to change your MyVSU/Active Directory password as needed.

  • Email, File Storage, Microsoft Office Applications

    Use OFFICE 365 to:
    • Check and compose VSU email

    • Use ONEDRIVE to save, share files, and edit documents collaboratively

    • Access web-based versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

    • INSTALL THE LATEST FULL-VERSION OF MICROSOFT OFFICE SUITE (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, OneDrive, and more)
      Students and Employees can download the suite for free on up to 5 personal computers and 5 personal mobile devices.
  • V-State Mobile App

    Download the official V-State Mobile App: Available at APPLE STORE and GOOGLE PLAY

    The Valdosta State University App brings campus to your fingertips and enables you to connect with the VSU community: Stay on top of your events, classes, grades, assignments with the built in calendar function, and get notified of important dates, deadlines & security announcements. Make friends, ask questions, and access campus resources at any time!``

  • Microsoft Teams: A Collaboration Tool

    Use MICROSOFT TEAMS to collaborate with co-workers and students: chat, share files, video conference call, and more.

    Once a Teams site has been created for you, you can access it through Office 365, desktop application, or mobile app.

  • Free/Trial Software & Borrow a Student Laptop/MiFi Hotspot

    • All VSU students and employees are eligible for 5 computer and 5 mobile device installations of MICROSOFT OFFICE.

    • Students can download, install, and activate MATHEMATICA on their home computers.

    • AUTODESK offers many of their products for free to students.

    • FINALE Music Notation software has extended their free trial from 30 days to now 60 days.

    Do you need a computer or internet access for class?

    There is a limited number of laptops and MiFi mobile hotspots available for students to check out from VSU New Media Center. To make a request:

    1. Go to
    2. Click the Equipment Checkout button on the right sidebar
    3. Expand the Borrower Agreement Form section
    4. Complete the form with the red text stating "Student Laptop/MiFi Borrower Agreement".
  • USG Tech Store for Employees

    USG TECHNOLOGY STORE offers VSU employees discounted, brand-name software and services for work and personal computers.

  • Peer Tutoring & Online Learning beyond the Classroom

    • Students, use THINKINGSTORM to access free online peer tutoring that is offered by VSU Academic Support Center

    • Students and Employees, use ODUM LIBRARY online resources and services

    • Faculty, check out eLEARNING & their TEACHING REMOTELY site

    • Students and Employees, use HOONUIT for video tutorials on a variety of technology software and tools. Access through MyVSU

    • Employees can also use SKILLPORT to access learning modules, books, and videos. Access through MyVSU

  • Sign Documents Electronically

    DOCUSIGN allows you to quickly and securely sign documents electronically and eliminates the need to deliver traditional paper forms. VSU Employees will be able to sign documents, use existing templates, and generate their own documents to request signature. VSU Students will be able to sign documents.

    Access the DocuSign portal by logging in to MyVSU.

  • Faculty and Students - Connect Remotely to Lab Computer

    VSU REMOTE WINDOWS COMPUTER LABS allow faculty and currently enrolled students to remotely access on-campus computers that are equipped with standard and requested specialized software needed for Valdosta State University courses.

    Remote Computer Labs are available Monday-Sunday, with the following distinctions:

    • Priority Hours: 8am – 4pm EST, Monday-Friday
      If needed, faculty must request priority access for their students. Labs available during this time are equipped with standard applications; AND if requested, specialty applications.

    • Open Access: 4pm – 3am EST, Monday-Friday
    • Open Access: 8am – 3am EST, Saturday and Sunday (No priority hours)
  • Employees - Connect Remotely to your Office Computer

    REMOTE DESKTOP CONNECTION (RDC) allows approved VSU employees to access and control their office computers using their home computer and/or mobile device for work-at-home purposes:

    • Access any software, documents, or emails available on your office computer
    • Access applications that can only be run from on-campus, such as Banner Admin
    • Print to your networked office printer
  • Employees - Remote Telephone Services and Jabber Instant Messaging

    Telephone & Voicemail

    Request remote access to Jabber Instant Messaging and your office Soft-Phone. This feature allows you to make and answer calls, listen to your voice messages, instantly chat with co-workers and more. Please visit Cisco's Jabber Quickstart guide for steps on using this software.

    Read the VoIP TELEPHONE GUIDE to learn how to:

    • Setup your voicemail
    • Listen to your voicemail remotely
    • Forward your calls to another phone number
    • Forward your calls to voicemail

    Learn more about VSU Telecommunications