Microsoft Teams

As a component of Office 365, Microsoft Teams lets you share and edit files in a single secure location; and with features like chats and video conferencing, everyone has the right tools to stay connected no matter where they are.

At VSU, we offer two types of Teams: a General and a Class Teams. Although they have some common features, their setup, usage and purposes vary.

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  • General Teams (Departments)

    General Teams are geared for business or departmental collaborations and projects and are ideal for faculty, staff, and registered student organizations. Owners can add members, create private channels, schedule meetings, and so much more.

    Interested in creating a General Team? 

    Submit a General Teams Request. You will be notified once your Team has been created.

    NOTE: General Teams are not available for individual students. See Class Teams.

  • Class Teams (Faculty and Students)

    Class Teams are uniquely created to foster collaboration in academic classes between students and teachers. Although it has many of the same features as a General Team, it includes teaching and learning tools such as a Class Notebook, Assignments, and Grades. Students: If your class is using Teams, you’ll be able to connect with your classmates, edit files with classmates at the same time, ask your teacher questions, work on your homework and much more.

    Class Teams can be used as an optional supplement to BlazeVIEW, our current online learning platform. Furthermore, Class Teams can serve as an alternative file storage system to V:\Class. Unlike V:\Class that is only accessible on-campus, files stored in Class Teams are accessible from almost anywhere; on almost any device that has internet access.

    A Class Team has been created automatically for each academic class. Here’s how the Class Teams are setup:

    • Team’s Name/Title: The name of the class (ex: ACED2400A-SP2020)
    • Team’s Owner: The assigned faculty/instructor
    • Team’s Members: All registered students in the class

    Faculty will receive a Microsoft Invitation letting them know that their Class Team has been created and they can then log in and activate the class. Students will then receive notification.

    Microsoft Teams Invitation       Activate Microsoft Class Team

    Each academic Microsoft Teams Class will be accessible for approximately 90 days in read-only mode after the last day of finals.

  • Access Your Team

    To access a General or Class Teams from Office 365:

    1. Log in to MyVSU
    2. Click Microsoft OneDrive/Office Apps from the Portals link (select it from the View All list if you do not have it set as a ‘favorite’ link)
    3. Click Teams from the list of available apps

    Download the Desktop Version of Teams:

    While in Teams via Office 365, click on the Download desktop app icon located in the bottom left corner of the screen.

    Follow prompts to install and launch Teams

  • Getting Help with Teams while in Teams

    Click the Help icon located in the bottom-right corner while in Teams and then Click one of the available options: Topics, Training, What's New, About

    Teams Help

  • Teams Guides and Videos

  • Teams for Education Guides & Videos

  • Need more help?

    Contact VSU Solutions Center:

    229-245-4357 (HELP)

    Odum Library 2nd Floor – next to Circulation Desk

    Mon-Thurs: 8 am - 9 pm

    Friday: 8 am - 5 pm

    Saturday: 8 am - 1 pm

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