Interview Policies

The On-Campus Interview Program is designed for senior and graduate students in all academic fields who are seeking full-time employment. Alumni may be eligible for on-campus interviews providing the employer requirements are met. Frequently, employers will request to interview only currently enrolled students. In such cases company contact information will be given to alumni.

On-campus interviews take place during the Fall and Spring semesters. You are advised to begin your interviews during the fall months as many employers who recruit in the fall do not recruit during the spring. Notices regarding on-campus interviews will be released via the Office's home page (, the "Careers" newsletter (which is mailed to all registered persons), flyers, and other campus wide announcements, including classes.

Applicants must make every effort to keep all interview appointments with employers made through the services of the office. With that in mind they are expected to cancel, as soon as possible, any such appointment that cannot be kept; to understand that failure to keep, appropriately cancel, or provide reasonable explanation for not keeping an interview appointment constitutes a very serious problem for employers, future candidates, and this office. If you miss an on-campus interview, the following procedures must be observed:


1. The Employer Relations Coordinator must be notified as soon as possible.

2. You must meet with the Coordinator to discuss the reason for the missed interview.

3. You must submit a letter of explanation addressed to the company recruiter with a copy given to the Coordinator which will be placed in your file.

lYour resume may be deactivated until conditions 1-3 are met which will make you ineligible to participate in the on-campus interviewing or resume referral programs

Any additional failures to keep interview appointments may result in the following actions:

lThe appropriate personnel of your college/academic department will be notified if you fail to keep an interview.

Once you have requested an interview appointment with an employer, you have made the commitment that you are seriously interested in them as a prospective employer. It is your responsibility to research and prepare for the interview. (Check with the office staff for assistance)

Applicants who wish to participate in the campus interview program are strongly encouraged to complete at least one mock interview session with a professional staff member from the Office.

On-campus interviews are not to be used as "practice sessions." Applicants who wish to gain interviewing experience are to schedule mock interviews with the office staff.

Credential files which are kept current by the applicant will be maintained indefinitely. If the files are not kept current, they will be maintained according to the following schedule:

a. Files of bachelor and advanced degree graduates - ten (10) years after the date of graduation or the most recent date of activity.

b. Lapsed files, i.e., those files not kept current, will be destroyed ten (10) years after the date of graduation or the last date of activity.

Registrants of lapsed files will not be notified when files are destroyed. Should a credential file become obsolete and is destroyed, a registrant may establish a new one.