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Volunteer Opportunities

Below is a list of companies and organizations offering internship programs. For additional information, visit the Office of Career Services and look through our internship binders.

Alphabetical Listings

(*Paid Internships)

A - D

Aetna – *

business, mathematics, computer science -jr., sr. with 3.0 min. GPA, 12 weeks

African American Credit Union Coalition (AACUC) – *

minority interest –[jr., sr.] Business, Finance, Accounting, Marketing or Computer

Science, 8-10 weeks

AIDS Health Project – *

all majors esp. psychology, marketing, computer information systems, computer

science, english, journalism –1 year

Amelia Island Plantation – *

all majors, esp. exercise science, public relations –16 weeks

American Association for the Advancement of Science – *

students with disabilities majoring in science, math, engineering, or computer science

full-time undergraduate or graduate student with B- average or higher GPA

American Dance Festival – *

arts-related majors, public relations, finance, marketing

American Hospitality Academy – *

all majors

Amnesty International USA –

all majors –6 months

Atlanta Braves – *

junior, senior, grad. student –2.8 min. GPA

Atlanta History Center –

education, public relations, economics, history, english, marketing – 3.0 min. GPA

Atlanta Journal-Constitution – *

journalism, art –jr., sr., grad student, 10 weeks

AustraLearn –

business, communications, education, arts, counseling, social work, sport/fitness,

anthropology, biology, 6 – 52 weeks

Avis Rent-A-Car – *

all majors, esp. business, computer science, computer information systems

Badlands National Park – *

all majors –to teach environmental education

Bank of America – *

accounting, economics, finance, information systems, business, communications preferred

–undergraduate or graduate student, minimum 3.0 GPA, 10-12 weeks

Barnard College Housing (for students with NYC internships) –

all majors

Belk Stores, Inc. – *

all majors with strong interest in a retailing career –3.0 min. GPA [jr., sr.]

Berkeley Repertory Theatre – *

theater, public relations, marketing -sr., alumni [August-June]

Bibb County Department –

computer science –soph., jr., sr., 20 hours weekly

Bigelow & Eigel, Inc. –

marketing, public relations, promotion, and advertising agency

The Boeing Company –

all majors, esp. engineering, math, computer science, business -soph. jr., sr., grad

The Boston Globe – *

journalism –12 weeks

Boys & Girls Club of Valdosta –

early childhood education, marketing, physical education, public relations

Bread for the World – *

public relations, management, marketing –quarter or year

Callaway Gardens – *

biology, education –10 weeks


business, marketing, public relations –full-time, 16-week internship

The Capital Experience – *

all majors –2.5 min. GPA

The Carter Center –

all majors –jr., sr., grad., recent grad.

Central Intelligence Agency – *

accounting, computer science, engineering, economics, finance, geography, political

science –3.0 min. GPA


public relations, telecommunications, speech communication

Coca-Cola Company – *

minority interest –chemistry, engineering, finance, human resources, information

technology, journalism, communications, marketing, or business, 3.0 min. GPA

Coca-Cola Company – *

finance, human resources, marketing, manufacturing , logistics, engineering, business

Common Cause –

all majors with journalism background

Community Bankers Association of Georgia –

marketing, journalism, public relations –jr., sr., grad.

Congressional Black Caucus Foundation – *

minority interest –esp. political science, 9–12 weeks

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute –

hispanic interest –scholarship *

Coro Midwestern Center –

public administration –10 weeks

Cox Radio, Inc. Atlanta –

accounting, communication, marketing, public relations, 3.0 min. GPA

C-Span –

political science, telecommunications, public relations, computer science,

computer information systems, business –jr., sr.

Cumulus Broadcasting –

Defense Intelligence Agency – *

biology, business, chemistry, computer science, engineering, geography, physics,

political science, public administration –jr., sr., or grad with min. 3.0 GPA

Delta Air Lines – *

business, communications, criminal justice, health, computer science, M.Ed.

Democratic Party of Georgia –

telecommunications, english, political science –jr., sr.

Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International – *

all majors –15 hours weekly fall and spring; full time summer

Disney – *

all majors –undergrad./grad.

Dow Jones Newspaper Fund – *

journalism, business –jr., sr., grad student

E - K

Eckerd Youth Alternatives – *

all majors esp. psychology, education, sociology, social work

Edelman –

public relations, english, marketing

Emory Intern Housing –

all majors –summer only

Empower Program –

all majors

Enterprise Rent-A-Car – *

all majors –rising seniors, 10 weeks

Entertainment Employment Journal –

music, theatre, speech communications, business

Farm Sanctuary –

minimum one month commitment –40 hours per week

Farmers Furniture –

interior design

FBI Honors Internship Program –

all majors –jr., sr. grad., 3.0 min. GPA

Federal Law Enforcement Training Center –

criminal justice and other majors with a desire for law enforcement career –sr., *

grad., 12 weeks

Finish Line – *

interest in retail management career

Firstline Corporation –Valdosta, GA

Florida Department of Law Enforcement –

criminal justice, general –sr., grad.

Florida Park Service (Dept. of Environmental Protection) –

biology, education, communications –12 weeks

Florida Studio Theatre – *

theatre, communications, marketing, management, education –3 months

Franklin Cox Associates – *

business, marketing, public relations –jr., sr.

Fund for American Studies –

all majors, especially political science and journalism –7 weeks

Georgia Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (GARAL)

all majors dedicated to the pro-choice movement

Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) –

any major –jr. or sr.

Georgia Department of Labor *

all majors –7 weeks

Georgia Electric Membership Corporation (EMC) – *

communications, public relations, journalism or marketing –jr., sr., or grad, fall or spring

Georgia Games –

all majors seeking intern experience in recreation, event planning and sports

management – 14 weeks/40 hours weekly

Georgia Legislative Intern – *

all majors, especially political science

Georgia-Pacific Corp. – *

accounting, communications, engineering, forestry, human resources, information

systems, marketing, logistics/transportation –2.5 min. GPA –3.0 for accounting

Georgia Press Educational Foundation – *

journalism, marketing, art

Georgia Probation Management – [Valdosta, GA]

all majors

The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation – *

art, communications, education, history, interior design, marketing, public relations,

Georgia Wildlife Federation –

education, biology, environmental science, computer science, communications,

journalism, marketing, public relations

GlimmerGlass Opera –

accounting/finance, art, management, marketing, music, public relations

Governor’s Intern Program – *

all majors –jr., sr. or grad., 2.75 min. GPA, 10-13 weeks

Green Corps –Environmental Organizing School, – *

all majors

Habitat for Humanity –

all majors especially social work, sociology, communication

Hilton Head Plantation – *

education, esp. physical education –jr., sr.

Home Depot – *

jr., sr., grad students and recent graduates

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) – *

2 year internship

Inroads – *

minority interest –all majors, 3.0 min. GPA

Institute for Experiential Education –

all majors –soph., jr., sr., grad., 2.5 min. GPA

Institute of Paper Science and Technology –

engineering, biology, chemistry –10 weeks *

J. C. Penney – *

all majors, especially business –3.0 min. GPA preferred

The Julliard School – *

all majors, especially music and theater –September-May

Kaiser Family Foundation – *

minority interest in health policy –jr. or sr. or graduate within last 12 months

Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts – *

all majors –jr., sr.

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change, Inc. –

all majors

Kraft Foods – *

all majors

L - R

Land Between the Lakes – *

education, history, public relations, recreation

Lanigan & Associates – *

accounting –jr. or sr., 3.0 min. GPA

Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn –

Late Show with David Letterman

all majors

League of Conservation Voters –Environmental Victory Project Campaign –

communication, environmental studies, marketing, political science, science

LeConte Woodmanston Foundation –

education, history, science

Lost Valley Educational Center –

biology, environmental geography

Lowndes County Finance Department


Macon Telegraph –

journalism, marketing, speech communications, public relations

Magazine Publishers of America (MPA) – *

marketing, public relations –jr., sr., grad student

March of Dimes –

all majors –8 weeks

Vito Marzullo Internship –Officer of the Governor, State of Illinois *

all majors, one year internship

Metropolitan Museum of Art – *

art, history, education –grad., 9 months

Miller Brewing Company – *

chemistry, biology, or related

Minority Access, Inc. – *

minority interest, all majors – soph., jr., sr. with 3.0 min. GPA

Mote Marine Laboratory –

biology, chemistry, physics –jr., sr. with a 2.5 min. GPA, 8-16 weeks

NALEO Educational Fund – *

minority interest (Latino residents) –must be a resident of AZ, CA, CO, FL, IL, NM, NY, or TX (need not attend college in these states)


any major interested in pursuing career in insurance –jr., sr., or grad., 9 weeks

National Collegiate Athletic Association [NCAA] – *

minority/female interest –exercise science, physical education, 12 months

National Gallery of Art – *

any major, esp. art history

National Security Agency – *

computer science, computer information systems, engineering –jr., sr., or grad.,

3.0 min. GPA, 12 weeks

National Wildlife Federation – *

education, communications, public relations, biology, political science, environmental, geography –jr., sr., grad., 12-32 weeks

The Naval Historical Center –

all majors

Navy Financial Management Intern Program (FMIP) – *

business, liberal arts, and social science, 2.95 min. GPA

Newfound Harbor Marine Institute at Seacamp – *

biology, environmental geography, education (science) –spring and fall

Newhouse Minority Fellows Program – *

minority interest –all majors interested in newspaper journalism] –3.0 min. GPA

New York City and The World Internship Program – *

all majors –2.5 min. GPA

New York City Semester & Summer Internship –

all majors –2.5 min. GPA

New York Foundation for the Arts –

all majors, esp. art, music, theater

New York Life Insurance Company – *

all majors

New York Media Experience Program –

all majors who aspire to careers in media and public affairs, jr. and sr.

New York Union Semester – *

all majors –2.5 min. GPA

Norfolk Southern Corporation – *

geography, management information systems, civil engineering –min. 2.7 GPA

Northwestern Mutual Financial Network – *

all majors

Norton Museum of Art – *

art, education, finance, management, marketing, public relations

Omega Insurance Services – *

criminal justice, marketing

State Board of Pardons and Paroles – *

all majors, esp. criminal justice, psychology, sociology, political science, public administration, pre-law –jr. or sr. with min. 2.5 GPA, 10 weeks

Partnership for Service-Learning –

all majors –semester or year

People for the American Way – *

all majors

PGA Tour – *

minority interest –all majors esp. speech communication, marketing, computer information systems, computer science, art –sr. or grad., 2.5 min. GPA

Phi Kappa Phi – *

all majors enrolled in an institution that has an active Phi Kappa Phi chapter, 3.5 min. GPA, and >56 but <90 semester hours at application –6 weeks/20 hours weekly minimum

Population Connection –

political science, english, marketing ,public relations, education

The Population Institute – *

all majors –jr., sr., or grad.

The Presidential Classroom – *

all majors –3.0 min. GPA

Presidential Management Intern Program – *

all graduate majors, esp. public administration

Project Vote Smart – *

all majors, especially political science, journalism, speech communications, 10 weeks

Rainforest Action Network –

environmental geography, marketing, journalism, management, speech communications, public information –3 months

Recreation and Leisure Internships [compiled by UGA College of Education] *

S - Z

Sanderson Farms, Inc., – *

any major –10 week summer program

Sea World Adventure Park – *

education, science, recreation –jr. or sr.

Second Harvest Food Bank

marketing, public relations

Secretary of State – *

all majors –jr., sr., or grad student, 2.75 or higher GPA, 10 weeks

Sheraton Colony Square Hotel – *

all majors in hospitality programs –soph., jr., 12 weeks

Sherwin Williams Company – *

accounting, management, marketing, business –sr. with 2.5 min. GPA

Six Flags Over Georgia – *


Sleep Inn, Inn & Suites –Valdosta, GA –


Smithsonian Environmental Research Center – *

mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, geography, environmental geography –sr.,grad., recent grad., 10-16 weeks

South Georgia Medical Center –

criminal justice, accounting –jr., sr.

Southern Progress – *

accounting, advertising, art, marketing, public relations –jr., sr., grad

Southface Energy Institute – *

environmental geography –soph., jr., sr., grad., 3-6 months

Spoleto Festival USA – *

all majors, esp. business, public relations, english, journalism marketing, music

St. Vincent’s Medical Center – *

nursing –12 weeks

State Farm Insurance Companies – *

all majors –sr.

Stephen C. Foster State Park –

all majors

Student Conservation Association (SCA) –

all majors –high school grad., 12-16 weeks minimum

SunTrust Bank – *

MBA/JD preferred, 2.8 min. GPA, 3-6 months

SunTrust Robinson-Humphrey – *

finance, economics, or related –rising seniors, 3.0 min. GPA, 9 Weeks

The Tampa Tribune – *

journalism or related with prior newspaper writing experience, 12 weeks

Target Distribution Center – *

all majors

Triple Crown Hometowns -Valdosta –

all majors

Turner Broadcasting –

english, public relations, telecommunications, marketing, spanish –jr., sr., grad.

Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge – *

all majors, esp. Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts

Tyson Foods, Inc. – *

accounting, operations, agriculture, human resources, animal/poultry sciences

U. S. Department of Education – *

all majors –10 weeks

U. S. Department of State –

all majors, 10 weeks

U. S. Geological Survey –Earth Science Corps – *

geology, geography, biology –fr., soph., jr., sr., grad.

U. S. Marine Corps – *

all majors

U. S. Navy –

accounting –2.5 min. GPA

U. S. Secret Service –

all majors

United Parcel Service (UPS) – *

grad students –HR management, statistics, psychology, sociology or related

Valdosta/Lowndes Convention Center & Tourism –

management, marketing, public relations –must have reliable transportation

Visions – *

social work, teaching, recreation therapy (7 weeks working with the blind)

Visions in Action –

public relations, marketing, communications, english, finance, accounting, art –sr., grad.

WAAC Radio Valdosta *

Walgreens – *

all majors with prior retail experience –10 weeks

Wal-Mart Stores – *

business –sr., 12 weeks

Wal-Mart Distribution Center –Douglas, GA *

all majors –jr., sr., grad., 12 weeks

Walt Disney World College Program – *

all majors

War Resisters League – *

all majors –12-13 weeks

The Washington Center –

all majors

Washington Semester Summer Internship Program –

all majors


communications, public relations –jr., sr., grad., minimum 2.5 GPA, 15-40 hours weekly

Wells Fargo Financial – *

MBA, grad students –all majors within two semesters of graduation, 10-12 weeks

College of William and Mary –School of Marine Science – *

biology, chemistry, management –jr., sr.

Women’s Sports Foundation –

female interest –10 weeks


communications, public relations


all majors, esp. communications


education, sociology, psychology, business, computer science, computer information systems

Zoo Atlanta –

biology, psychology, zoology –soph., jr., sr., 3 Months