1. Read eligibility requirements below then call Career Opportunities to make an appointment to talk about internships available in your major.

  2. Register on Blazer Briefcase to view internships and co-op positions.  Click here for directions on registering for Blazer Briefcase. 

  3. International students click here for additional information on eligibility.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Intend to graduate from VSU or who participate in a recognized transfer program
  • Obtain Sophomore status (completed 30 hours) before being placed in a Co-op position
  • Maintain a minimum semester and cumulative GPA of 2.0 (Academic "Good Standing")

Registration and Communication

  • Register for Co-op and complete a resume. Call Career Opportunities for more details on registration.
  • Update registration and resume as needed.
  • Communicate information regarding job search or job placement to Co-op Coordinator.
  • Check VSU email account a minimum of two times per week for information regarding Co-op.

Co-op Work Options

  • Alternating Co-op: Students work full-time, alternating semesters. A minimum of two work semesters is required.
  • Parallel Co-ops: Students work 10-20 hours per week while attending VSU a minimum of half-time each semester. A minimum of four work semesters is required.
  • Part-time Internship: Students work 10-20 hours per week while attending VSU a minimum of half-time. Can repeat up to two semesters.
  • Full-Time Internship: Students work full-time, up to two semesters.

**Once placed in a Co-op position, any changes in work schedule, employer, or other matters effecting the status of a Co-op position must be approved in writing by your Co-op Coordinator or Assistant Director.