Graduate School Guide

Your senior year is fast approaching or is coming to an end!  If you’re considering graduate, medical, or law school then come by and see what the Office of Career Services has to offer.

On this page you will find information on our services and resources as well as informative links for more information on the many questions you may have.

Print Resources

Complete Book of Business Schools

Complete Book of Law Schools

Complete Book of Medical Schools

The College Handbook

Index of Majors and Graduate Degrees

(supplement to The College Handbook)

Game Plan for Getting into Graduate School

Game Plan for Getting into Business School

Game Plan for Getting into Law School

Game Plan for Getting into Medical School

Graduate Programs in …

(series – covers Arts, Humanities, Engineering, Education, Sciences, etc.)

Graduate Admissions Essays

Scholarships, Grants, and Prizes

* Resources cannot be checked out.  However, students are welcome to review materials in the office at their convenience.


Below you will find answers to questions you may have as well as the related services offered by our office.  For more information or assistance, please set up an appointment with a counselor or attend one of the “Attending Graduate School” workshops.

I’m not sure if I should go to graduate school or how to begin applying.

For an informative introduction to applying to graduate school and financing your education you may want to attend our workshop entitled “Attending Graduate School.”  For dates and times of upcoming sessions  contact our office to register for the session you wish to attend.

How do I identify schools that offer the program I’m interested in?

You can visit the office and review The College Handbook 2004 and its supplement Index of Majors and Graduate Degrees or additional print resources.  You may also review the following sites:

I have to write an admissions essay or statement of purpose.  Where do I begin?

You’ll start by considering how graduate school fits in with your career goals.  Then you will need to think about activities you’ve been involved with, relevant experience you’ve acquired, and accomplishments that would reflect your ability to succeed in a graduate program.  Your essay should address your career interests/goals, how those interests have been developed, your interest in the school you’re applying to, and how you will contribute to the school and your chosen field.

Our office will critique your essay for you and offer necessary suggestions.  Please allow 24-48 hours for us to return it as well as enough of a time frame for any revisions you may make.  Your essay will require several drafts before it is complete.

I have an interview scheduled but I’m afraid I’ll be too nervous!

Relax.  A little anxiety is normal and even a good motivator.  Keep in mind that preparation is vital.  Know yourself, research the school, and practice!  Our professional staff will be happy to conduct mock interviews with you to provide feedback on your strengths and weaknesses.  You may want to attend an interview workshop as well. For dates and times and contact our office to register for the appropriate session.  Also, review the appropriate links provided for sample questions.


General Guides students) rankings)


*Please note that some of the following sites offer fee-based services.  Though portions of each

site are recommended for reviewing writing tips and sample essays, Career Services does not

endorse or guarantee claims made by any outside agency or service provider.

Financial Aid

*Also, check with the Financial Aid Department for additional funding options at each school you are interested in applying to.


Princeton Review






*Check with the Office of Testing, Powell Hall-West, 1st floor for information on registering

and preparing for exams such as LSAT, MCAT, GRE, MAT, etc.

Potential Interview Questions questions) questions apply to any discipline)