Assessing Yourself: Would you hire you?

Think of The Encounter as a job interview. Before you walk in the door, assess your strengths, weaknesses, skills, and experiences. Recruiters are going to ask you about yourself; you should be prepared to answer them. Ask yourself, "Would I hire ME, and why?"

Why is it important to do a self-assessment?

You do not want to expect a recruiter to tell you how you will fit into their organization. Instead, make a mental list of your qualities and transferable skills that make you a top candidate for employment and be ready to show the recruiter what you can do for their company. Remember to back up your skills with specific examples when talking with a recruiter. 

For example: If you want to work for a retail company, think of specific examples from your previous experiences to demonstrate qualities a retailer might desire in an employee. Did you receive an Employee of the Month award for your superior customer service skills? What about the time you volunteered to work late to help organize incoming inventory? 

What counts as "experience?"

The funny thing about the word "experience" is it does not imply you received a paycheck. When assessing what your skills and qualities are, consider your experience as a whole. This includes paid and unpaid "jobs," internships, job shadowing, volunteer work, student activities/leadership roles, and class projects. 

What is a transferable skill?

Simply stated, transferable skills are versatile skills that can be used and applied to a variety of work environments and job roles. Recruiters frequently look for skills related to verbal & written communication, customer service, conflict resolution & problem solving, decision-making, organization & planning, creativity, and adaptability. Consider which transferable skills you possess and discuss them with the recruiter. 

What about a self-assessment on the day of the event?

Along with an assessment of your skills and experience, conduct a physical assessment on the day of The Encounter.
- Did you identify the employers you are interested in?
- Is your resume an accurate reflection of your skills and experiences?
- Do you have extra copies of your resume and class schedule?
- Is your outfit professional? 


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