E l F l G l H l I l J l K


Early Childhood Education majors study methods of teaching young children as well as studying theories of how children learn, how to present material to students most effectively, and how schools are structured. They learn to design courses of study, manage a classroom, develop effective learning strategies, and design tests to evaluate learning outcomes.

Sample Job Functions and Job Titles

Note: Some positions may require additional education and/or training.

Counseling: School Guidance Counselor, Youth Counselor.

Researching: Encyclopedia Research Worker, Research Assistant.

Sales: Audiovisual Program Productions Sales, Playground Equipment Salesperson, College Representative, Psychological Test Salesperson.

Selecting Educational Materials: Children's Librarian, Curriculum Specialist.

Writing: Grant Writer, Journalist, Prose, Fiction, and Nonfiction Writer, Public Relations Writer.

Teaching: Child Care Center Teacher, Elementary Teacher, Kindergarten Teacher, Preschool Teacher, Training Instructor.

Miscellaneous: School Attendance Officer, Volunteer Services Supervisor, Youth Minister, Camp Administrator.

Employers of Education Majors: Elementary Schools, Colleges and Universities, Community Organizations (YMCA, Red Cross), Correctional Institutions, Hospitals, Professional Associations, Day Care Centers, Consulting Firms, Bookstores, Software Companies, Government, Battered Women's Shelters, Mental Health Centers, Textbook Publishers, United Way Agencies, Museums, Professional Associations.

Professional Associations: National Association for the Education of Young Children http://www.naeyc.org/ , American Federation of Teachers http://www.aft.org/


Economics is the study of production, distribution, and management of material wealth. Economics is also the field of study that synthesizes the social sciences with business.

Sample Job Functions and Job Titles

Note: Some positions may require additional education and/or training.

Analyzing: Actuary, Applied Statistician, Budget Analyst, Commodity Analyst, Credit Analyst, Financial Analyst, Legislative Assistant, Management Analyst, Market Research Analyst.

Helping People: Credit Counselor, Equal Opportunity Representative, Financial Aid Counselor, Labor Relations Consultant, Lobbyist or Legislative Advocate.

Selling: Insurance Sales Agent, Real Estate Agent.

Teaching: College Professor, High School Social Studies Teacher.

Miscellaneous: Administrative Assistant, Claims Adjudicator, Foreign Service Officer, Credit Collection Manager, Health Care Administrator, Registered Commodity Representative, Urban Planner.

Employers of Economics Majors: Chambers of Commerce, Financial Institutions, Trade/Labor Organizations, Government Agencies, Educational Institutions, Insurance Companies, Advertising Agencies, Consulting Firms, Peace Corps.

Professional Association: National Association for Business Economics http://www.nabe.com/


English majors study the form and the literature of the English language. The English major encourages intellectual independence by emphasizing critical thinking and creativity along with informed reading and interpretation.

Sample Job Functions and Job Titles

Note: Some positions may require additional education and/or training.

Editing: Editorial Assistant, Manuscript Reader, Newsletter Editor.

Communicating: Communications Consultant, Desktop Publisher, Lawyer, Media Relations Specialist, Public Relations Manager.

Selling: Advertising Salesperson, Literary Agent, Printing Sales Representative, Publications Salesperson, Travel Agent.

Teaching: College Professor, High School Teacher, Teacher of English as a Second Language, Tutor.

Writing: Author, Business Writer, Copywriter, Freelance Writer, Ghostwriter, Newswriter, Playwright, Reporter, Speechwriter, Technical Writer.

Miscellaneous: Archivist, Librarian, Market Analyst, Minister.

Performing: Actor, Comedian.

Employers of English Majors: Newspapers, Magazines, Broadcast Media, Advertising Agencies, Public Relations Agencies, Colleges and Universities, Libraries, Museums, Trade Organizations, Nonprofit Organizations, Banks, Bookstores, Software Companies, Technical Schools, Public and Private Schools.

Professional Associations: American Society of Magazine Editors http://www.magazine.org/asme/, National Writers Union http://www.nwu.org/


Environmental Geography is the study of the interactions between people and the environment, drawing from both the natural and the social sciences. Environmental Geography addresses issues related to the interface of people and their environment. Graduates of the program will have an understanding of the natural sciences and the responses of people to environmental change.

Sample Job Functions and Job Titles

Note: Some positions may require additional education and/or training.

Analyzing: Environmental Impact Analyst, Environmental Consultant, Intelligence Agent, Location Analyst.

Protecting the Environment: Air Quality Specialist, Park Ranger, Soil Conservationist, Urban/Rural Planners.

Teaching: College Professor, Educator at an Environmental Center.

Working With People: Lobbyist, Management Consultant, Manager of Environmental Center, Outdoor Trip Leader.

Writing and Editing: Map Editor, Researcher/Writer for Environmental Organization, Textbook Editor, Grant Writer.

Miscellaneous: Cartographer, Environmental Business Specialist, Environmental Engineer, Fund Raiser, Land Use Specialist, Natural Resource Specialist, Property Manager, Public Information Officer.

Employers of Environmental Geography Majors: Environmental Protection Agency, Colleges and Universities, Engineering Firms, Peace Corps, City and County Governments, Real Estate Development Companies, River Management Districts, Manufacturing Companies, Wildlife Ranges, Non-Profit Organizations.

Professional Association: Association of American Geographers http://www.aag.org/


Exercise Science majors study courses designed to give them a foundation in the exercise fitness programming and instruction, and principles of Wellness. This major differs from the physical education in that it is specifically designed for the fitness professional.

Sample Job Functions and Job Titles

Note: Some positions may require additional education and/or training.

Helping People: Dance Therapist, Diet Counselor, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, Rehabilitation Therapist, Sports and Fitness Nutritionist, Sports Physician.

Organizing Activities: Director of Parks and Recreation, Cruise Ship Activity Director, Health Club Manager, Recreation Director, Resort Fitness Director.

Selling: Exercise Clothes Designer, Fitness Magazine Advertising Salesperson, Health Club Sales Manager, Sporting Goods Salesperson.

Training: Aerobics Instructor, Corporate Fitness Instructor, Fitness Trainer, Martial Arts Instructor, Personal Trainer.

Miscellaneous: Camping Administrator, College Professor, Exercise Physiologist, Exercise Testing Specialist, Owner-Fitness Center, Owner-Health Spa, Owner-Weight Management Center, Fitness Consultant, Fitness Magazine Writer or Editor.

Employers of Exercise Science Majors: Rehabilitation Facilities, Convalescent Care Facilities, Specialized Outdoor Programs, Psychiatric Hospitals, City/County Parks and Recreation Departments, Health Care Agencies, Fitness Clubs, Corporate Wellness Offices, Conference Centers, Cruise Ships.

Professional Association: American College of Sports Medicine http://www.acsm.org


Finance is the science of managing money. A career in Finance requires a broad background in accounting, management, marketing, economics, law, taxation, insurance, plus advanced courses in investing, bank management, and corporate financial management. Communication and computer skills are essential for success in this field.

Sample Job Functions and Job Titles

Note: Some positions may require additional education and/or training.

Banking: Bank Economist, Bank Examiner, Bank Teller, Controller, Financial Service Officer, Investment Banker, Loan Officer.

Financial Services: Broker, Budget Analyst, College Financial Aid Officer, Credit Analyst, Credit Counselor, Financial Analyst, Financial Planner, Inventory Manager, Mergers/Acquisitions Manager, Mutual Fund Manager, Portfolio Analyst, Rate Analyst.

Selling: Commodities Trader, Insurance Sales Agent, Stockbroker.

Miscellaneous: Actuary, Cash Management Officer, Claim Adjuster/Examiner, Financial Aid Officer, Inventory/Operations Manager, Market Research Analyst Real Estate Developer.

Employers of Finance Majors: Banks, Savings and Loan, Financial Planning Agencies, Insurance Companies, Real Estate Agencies, Government Agencies, Corporations, Educational Institutions, Credit Bureaus, Military, Credit Unions, Hospitals.

Professional Associations: American Bankers Association http://www.aba.com/, CFA Institute http://www.cfainstitute.org/


French majors study the structure, history, and literature of the French language. They receive fundamental training in the humanities and in French literary and linguistic contexts as well as in cultural traditions.

Sample Job Functions and Job Titles

Note: Some positions may require additional education and/or training.

Business: Advertising Salesperson, Art Dealer, Hotel Services Salesperson, Importer or Exporter, International Banking Officer, Travelers Checks Salesperson.

Helping People: Concierge, Cruise Director, Employment Interviewer, Equal Opportunity Officer, Foreign Service Officer, International Student Advisor, Interpreter, Missionary, Passenger Service Representative, Police Officer, Tour Guide, Travel Agent.

Teaching: College Professor, Elderhostel Instructor, School Teacher, Tutor.

Writing: Editorial Assistant, Foreign Correspondent, Newswriter, Translator, Travel Writer.

Miscellaneous: Diplomat, International Conference Planner, Investment Analyst, Linguist, Museum Curator, Overseas Personnel Manager, Radio Announcer, Public Health Administrator.

Employers of French Majors: Military, Library of Congress, United Nations, Overseas Dependents' Schools, Foreign News Agencies, Book Publishers, Banks and financial institutions, Tour Companies, Import/Export Companies, Cruise Lines, Airlines, Law Enforcement Agencies, Colleges and Universities, Public & Private Schools, U.S. Firm Operating in a Foreign Country.

Professional Associations: American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages http://www.actfl.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageid=1,

American Foreign Service Association http://www.afsa.org/


General Studies majors have a unique opportunity to develop a multi-disciplinary and carefully focused course of study which fulfills traditional university requirements yet also meets students' specific goals for a four-year degree. This major especially meets the needs of adults who are already established independently in the work force. General Studies Degrees consist of a required number of credit hours earned in the College of Arts and Sciences complemented by a full range of electives earned in any of the colleges of the University.

Sample Job Functions and Job Titles

Note: Some positions may require additional education and/or training.

Analyzing Data: Actuary, Budget Analyst, Business Analyst, Claims Adjuster, Insurance Underwriter, Market Research Analyst, systems Analyst.

Helping People: Affirmative Action Officer, Caseworker, Community Relations Director, Community Training Specialist, Consumer Advocate/Advisor, Missionary, Victim Advocate.

Selling: Advertising Sales, Entrepreneur, Media Time Sales, Pharmaceutical Sales, Purchasing Agent.

Writing: Author, Magazine Journalist, Newspaper Reporter, Speech Writer, Technical Writer.

Miscellaneous: City Manager, College Recruiting Specialist, Financial Aid Director, Fund Raiser, Insurance Agent, Lobbyist, Paralegal, Property Manager, Public Relations Specialist.

Employers of General Studies Majors: Colleges and Universities, Technical Schools, Community Organizations (YMCA, Red Cross), Hospitals, Insurance Agencies, Marketing Firms, Television and Radio Stations, Federal Government Agencies, Mental Health Clinics, Software Companies, Professional Associations.


Health and Physical Education is the study of human movement designed to prepare students for continued learning and a variety of career options. Students majoring in Health and Physical Education work in many different settings including school systems, the private sector, and government.

Sample Job Functions and Job Titles

Note: Some positions may require additional education and/or training.

Coaching: Coach of Professional Athletes, Dancing Instructor, Physical Education Instructor, Referee, School Coach, Sports Instructor, Ski Instructor, Tennis Pro.

Covering Sports Events: Sports Announcer, Sports Cartoonist, Sports Photojournalist, Sports Writer.

Helping People: Dance Therapist, Physical Therapist, Recreational Therapist.

Performing: Acrobat, Aquatic Performer.

Selling: Marine Supplies Salesperson, Sporting Goods Salesperson, Sports Recruiter, Sports Scout.

Training: Athletic Trainer.

Miscellaneous: Cruise Director, Hunting and Fishing Guide, Press Agent, Recreation Center Director, Sports Information Director, Sports Publicist, Wilderness Guide.

Management: Manager of Recreational Facilities.

Employers of Physical Education Majors: Senior Citizen Centers, Elementary, Middle and Secondary Schools, Resorts, Cruise Lines, Sporting Goods Stores, Fitness Centers, Community Youth Centers, College and Universities.

Professional Association: American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance http://www.aahperd.org/


The healthcare administration major develops the skills needed to manage the human and fiscal resources of a healthcare facility.

Sample Job Functions and Job Titles

Note: Some positions may require additional education and/or training.

Administration/Management: Practice Administrator, Director of Patient Access, Patient Care Coordinator, Process Improvement Manager, Director of Quality, Patient Safety Manager, Patient Financial Services Rep/Mgr, Purchasing Director, Purchasing Assistant.

Human Resources: Talent Acquisition Specialist, Human Resources Associate, Training Specialist, Healthcare Recruiter, Personnel Manager.

Marketing: Marketing Specialist, Marketing Manager, Healthcare Sales Representative, Product Development Manager, Business Development Manager.

Other: Provider Claims Representative, Residency Coordinator, Health Program Specialist, Research Assistant, Healthcare Consultant.

 Healthcare Administration majors work for hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, home health agencies, outpatient care facilities, government health agencies, healthcare product wholesalers, insurance, offices of dentists and physicians


History is the study and analysis of past events and the effect they have had on contemporary society. History majors examine the causes, contexts, and chronologies of events and analyze human experience from multiple perspectives. They also analyze written, oral, visual, and material evidence for the development of communication skills and critical thinking.

Sample Job Functions and Job Titles

Note: Some positions may require additional education and/or training.

Appraising and Caring for Collections: Archivist, Art Appraiser, Art Conservator, Document Restorer, Special Collections Librarian.

Designing: Display Manager, Exhibit Artist, Set Designer.

Selling: Art Objects Salesperson, Real Estate Guide, Stamps or Coins Salesperson.

Researching: Demographer, Encyclopedia Researcher, Genealogist, Historical Archeologist, Legislative Assistant, Market Research Analyst.

Teaching: College Professor, High School Teacher, Museum Education Director, Tour Guide.

Writing: Biographer, Editor, Reporter, Technical Writer.

Miscellaneous: Attorney, City Planner, Congressional Aide, Environmental Historian, Fund Raiser, Historic Preservation Specialist, Media Consultant, Public Relations Representative.

Employers of History Majors: Political Campaigns, Public Interest Advocacy Groups, National Political Party Headquarters, Staff of Legislator, Governor, or Mayor, State Archives and Libraries, State Museums, Parks, and Historic Sites, Research Institutions, Colleges and Universities, Federal Government.

Professional Association: American Historical Association http://www.historians.org/


Interior Designers create the environments in which we live and work. Today, interior design is an exciting and multi-faceted field combining the goals of architecture with those of decorations. Interior designers are concerned with the spatial organization, patterns, colors, textures, harmony, lighting and objects that define rooms.

Sample Job Functions and Job Titles

Note: Some positions may require additional education and/or training.

Commercial Interior Designer: Showroom Designer, Space Planning, Research, Fabric Design, Facilities Management, Sales Representative.

Residential Interior Designer: Interior Designer, Interior Decorator, Junior/Assistant Designer, Fabric Designer, Furniture Designer.

Specialty Designer: Kitchen & Bath Designer, Space Planning, Set Design, Fabric Design, Exhibition Design, Lighting Designer, Renderer, Product Designer.

Miscellaneous: Computer-Aided Design & Drafting, Color Consultant, Historic Preserver/Renovator, Museum/Exhibit/Library Designer, Photography, Consultant.

Employers of Interior Design Majors: Commercial & Residential Interior Design Firms, Architectural/Engineering Firms, Hospitals, Medical Centers and other Health Care facilities, Corporate Offices: utility companies, hotels/motels/restaurants, department stores, banks, resorts, etc., Home furnishing stores/studios, Kitchen and bath design firms, Government Agencies.

Professional Association: American Society of Interior Designers http://www.asid.org/