Department Programs

Office SignCommunication Arts at Valdosta State University is a diverse, multidisciplinary department offering undergraduate major and minor programs, undergraduate certificates, and a graduate program.

Undergraduate programs leading to a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree are offered in Communication, Dance, Emergent Media, Mass Media, Public Relations, and Theatre. The Communication program offers emphases in Interpersonal and Organizational Communication.  The Theatre program offers concentrations in Musical Theatre, Production, Performance, and Theatre Management

Window decalThe Department offers minor programs in Communication, Dance, Health Communication, and Theatre.  Two certificates are offered, one in Broadcast Journalism and the other in Sports Broadcasting

The Master of Arts Degree in Communication provides students with the opportunity to engage in advanced study in Communication, Public Relations, and Mass Media. 

Valdosta State University is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Theatre and the public relations program is certified by the Public Relations Society of America, as the oldest certified public relations program in either Georgia or Florida.  

The Department is composed of over 500 majors and 20 graduate students with 39 faculty members.  We enjoy strong university support as one of the larger programs in the University.