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Admission Auditions

An audition is required for admission to the Dance program. 

Students who are interested in Dance Scholarships must audition.  The audition will consist of a 2-hour dance class. During the class combinations in varying styles will be taught and the auditionees will perform the combinations in small groups.

Form for the audition and interviews:

Each applicant will be interviewed in addition to the audition or presentation and should be prepared to discuss career goals.  The interview will also provide an opportunity for the applicant to ask any questions he or she may have concerning the theatre program. 

Students must audition at one of the audition dates posted on our audition calendar. There are opportunities to audition both on and off campus. Scholarship and audition forms must be filled out and mailed in at designated times listed on the audition calendar.

An information session (on-campus off-campus) will be scheduled on the audition day for students and parents as well as interviews between faculty and auditionees.

For more information, contact Sarah Arnett at

The auditions and interviews for the upcoming year are scheduled for:

Valdosta, GA; Tuesday, August 20, 2019: 6PM
Valdosta State University
This audition is for current enrolled students who are not already accepted into the Dance Major. This is a combined audition with the Fall Dance Performances. The Combined Admission and/or Scholarship Audition/Interview Application Form is required (No scholarships are available at this audition). 

Patel Conservatory at the Straz Center, September 28, 2019
Tampa, FL
The Combined Admission and/or Scholarship Audition/Interview Application Form is required.
Registration begins at 1pm. Dance Class for Dance and Musical Theatre Candidates begins at 1:30pm. Monologue and Song presentations begin at 3pm for Theatre Performance and Musical Theatre candidates.

Pebblebrook High School, January 10, 2020
Mabelton, GA
The Combined Admission and/or Scholarship Audition/Interview Application Form is strongly encouraged.

Valdosta State University, February 22, 2020
Valdosta, GA
The Combined Admission and/or Scholarship Audition/Interview Application Form is required.
See General Audition Day Schedule.
For Scholarship Consideration, please bring OR email two letters of reference to Carlie Shoniker.

National High School Dance Festival, February 26 - March 1, 2020
Point Park University, Pittsburgh, PA
This audition is operated by the National High School Dance Festival.
Students must register and attend with their high school. The Combined Admission and/or Scholarship Audition/Interview Application Form is encouraged. 

Admission Audition Results

We will notify all students of the results by mail. This will usually happen within two weeks of the audition. Those applying for scholarships will also receive notification of their scholarship status by mail. In addition, you may expect to be notified with one of these possible decisions:

  • Accepted: You may begin course work as a dance major.
  • Provisional Acceptance: You may begin course work in the track but will be required to be evaluated at the end of the year to continue matriculation in the track.
  • Not Accepted: An indication that we feel you will not be successful in our dance curriculum at this time. After matriculating at VSU feel free to participate in dance courses in preparation to audition for admission to the degree program at a later date.

Returning students Interested in the dance major must audition for admission to the BFA degree in Dance the first week of classes (Fall semester) at an audition date that will be posted on the dance and theatre callboards. Returning students interested in auditioning in the Spring semester may audition during the February on-campus audition date. They will need to fill out a dance major audition form.

Scholarship Auditions

Students who are interested in Dance Scholarships must audition. Renewal of a scholarship requires an audition. Students wishing to be considered for a scholarship must present a short solo in the genre of their choice at the end of the class audition, or on tape for video/DVD submissions. They must also fill out a scholarship application form, send in two letters of reference, a photo and resume.

Each applicant will be interviewed in addition to the audition or presentation and should be prepared to discuss career goals.  The interview will also provide an opportunity for the applicant to ask any questions he or she may have concerning the dance program.

Please contact Jacque Wheeler for scholarship information at

Audition Guidelines 

All students who wish to major in dance at Valdosta State University MUST either attend an admission audition or, in certain circumstances provide a video audition. Prospective students must follow the Audition guidelines

  • We need to see and assess your “dancing” body, so please wear appropriate dancewear to the audition. This can range from leotards and tights to form fitting dancewear. Please no baggy T-shirts or sweats. Bring all your dance shoes (jazz shoes, ballet slippers, pointe shoes, and tap shoes to the audition).
  • Hair should be neat and pulled back off the neck. No jewelry should be worn in class.
  • You will be provided with a number. Wear it where it is visible to the auditioning faculty and students.
  • Be prepared to participate in a two-hour technique class. The class includes a ballet barre, and center work, plus combinations in jazz, modern dance, and tap (if applicable). Pointe work will be included if you are proficient.
  • The audition allows the faculty to observe your technical ability, performance quality, potential and adaptability to the change in dance styles. Please do not worry if you are weak in some of the areas, for we will be looking at you from an overall viewpoint.
  • If you have any questions after the audition please feel free to talk to us then or during your interview.

Video/DVD auditions

Prospective students from outside a 500-mile radius of Valdosta may elect to audition for admission via DVD or electronic video link. Under certain circumstances, they may be submitted with the approval of the Theatre & Dance Artistic Director. Videos must be received no later than March 1st for entrance for the following fall semester. Videos remain the property of the Valdosta State University Communication Arts Department. The DVD or link should be clearly labeled and include the following:

Ballet: Show center work only. All combinations must be demonstrated on both sides. Adagio: Demonstrate balancés, classical line and musicality. Pirouettes: A turn combination demonstrating en dehors pirouettes from 5th and 4th positions and en dedans pirouettes from 4th lunge in retiré/passé  or attitude derriere position. Petit Allegro: A quick jump combination including jeté, assemblé and pas de chat. Grand Allegro: A large jump combination including temps levé in arabesque, grand jeté and tour jeté. From the corner: A traveling turn combination including piqué turns and chainé turns.

Jazz: Show an upbeat movement combination no more than 1 minute in length. The study should include isolations, inside and outside turns, elevations and some floor work. It should demonstrate knowledge of complex rhythmic patterns.

Modern: Show a center combination that demonstrates different uses of the torso, level changes, weight bearing on the hands, and parallel and turned out leg alignment. Show a traveling combination in less than a minute that demonstrates large aerial movements such as leaps and jumps with different uses of torso and facing changes. The video should be no longer than 6 minutes and should reflect training to date. Unlisted Youtube links and Vimeo are approved sites for audition video links as well as dropbox files.

What if you cannot make an audition date 

If scheduled audition dates are not suitable, other arrangements may be arranged but are not guaranteed.  Scholarships will be awarded by April preceding the school year beginning in August.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Sarah Lowry, Administrative Assistant for Theatre and Dance. 

Sarah Lowry
(229) 253-2914