Audition/Interview Dates and Locations
for Students Seeking Fall 2024 admission to VSU

VSU Theatre & Dance conducts auditions and interviews for admission to all areas of the degree programs and consideration for scholarships that may be available. Please note, the theatre track auditions and interviews for acceptance into the Theatre degree program are in addition to the VSU admissions process.

On campus auditions will be Monday, October 30, 2023 and Monday, February 19, 2024 (President's Day). The Theatre Major Experience is your opportunity to experience the life of a theatre major at Valdosta State University. Join us for workshops, meet the VSU Theatre students you will be friends with next fall, get to know your professors, and audition or interview for entrance as a theatre major and for scholarships. To register for a Major Experience, please use this form.

  • Performance Track Candidates will present 2 contrasting monologues, not to exceed 3 minutes.
  • Musical Theatre Candidates will present 2 contrasting songs, 32-bar cuts and participate in a dance class covering musical theatre dance technique.
  • Production and Theatre Management Candidates will present their portfolio of work accomplished to date to a faculty committee.
  • Dance Candidates, please see the Dance Program's webpage.

Those Candidates wishing to be considered for Scholarship consideration are asked to submit or bring 2 letters of recommendation and will participate in a short interview. 

Schedule coming soon - see the Theatre & Dance Major Experience Day Schedule for February 20, 2023.

If you can not attend these on-campus auditions, you may submit virtual auditions for Fall 2024 admission via  Candidates seeking scholarship consideration, that information is also in the Valdosta State University profile on

Valdosta State University will have representatives on-site at

  • Patel Conservatory College Fair - September 24, 2023 (Tampa, FL)
  • Douglas Anderson School of the Arts - October 4-6, 2023 (Orlando, FL) 
  • Georgia Theatre Conference
  • Florida Theatre Conference
  • Southeastern Theatre Conference

The scholarships page details opportunities that may be available to Theatre and Dance students.

Degree Track Auditions for students 
currently enrolled at VSU

VSU Theatre & Dance will conduct on campus auditions for students already attending VSU who have yet to be accepted into the Dance, Musical Theatre, or Performance Tracks.

For Musical Theatre, you should prepare 32 bars each for two contrasting songs and a monologue. An accompanist will be provided. Please list song titles, source material, composer and lyricist.  Musical Theatre candidates will also participate in the dance class/audition with Dancers.  See below.

For Performance, you should prepare 2 contrasting monologues, combined should not exceed 2 minutes. Please list play title, author, and character's name.

Dancers will participate in a dance class incorporating ballet, modern. and/or jazz techniques. 

Production and Theatre Management candidates will present your portfolio to a faculty representative, presentation should not exceed 5 minutes immediately followed by a brief interview.

Auditions for the Productions of the Season

Auditions are held for each production during the performance season.  Auditions schedules are posted in the Program office and announced in classes. Traditionally these auditions begin the night of the first day of class of the semester with a general call and last for 2 to 4 nights for call-backs for specific productions.

For a musical theatre production, students should prepare one monologue and a thirty-two bar cut from musical theatre repertoire.  The presentation of the monologue and the two musical selections should not exceed two minutes.  An accompanist will be provided.  Singing a Cappella or to taped accompaniment is not allowed.  Sheet music must be provided for the accompanist. 

For a non-musical theatre production, students should prepare an extended monologue or two contrasting monologues.  The presentation should not exceed two minutes.

If you are called back for a second audition, you will be expected to do a reading from the play to be produced.  Selected portions of the script will be available in the library.

All students admitted to either the Musical Theatre or the Performance track are required to audition for theatre productions every semester that they are enrolled in the program. Exceptions for extenuating circumstances must be requested in writing at least two weeks prior to the scheduled auditions. Failure to meet these conditions will require a petition and audition for readmission to the appropriate track.