This is how the FAFSA is electronically signed. In most cases, the FSA ID and password must be created both for the student and a parent. To create your FSA ID and password, please visit https://studentaid.gov/fsa-id/create-account/launchhttps://studentaid.gov. Please note that a FAFSA application that is submitted without a signature, will not be processed.

Yes, the federal government requires all household income to be included. So, in this example, both the mother and step-father’s information must be provided.

Yes, the federal government determines financial aid eligibility based on the prior, prior year tax information.

Verification is a process mandated by the U.S. Department of Education in an effort to confirm the accuracy of the data provided on the FAFSA. This means that the office of financial aid is required to collect certain documents from students who have been selected by the U.S. Department of Education based on data that is typically entered in error. The financial aid administrator has the right to request any documentation deemed necessary to complete the verification process. Typically, additional documentation is requested in order to clarify information that is unclear. If the family refuses to provide the documentation, the Office of Financial Aid is prohibited from providing financial aid until the requested documentation is provided. Currently, documentation includes IRS Tax Return Transcripts, Signed copies of Federal 1040 Tax REturns, W-2 Forms, Verification Forms, Divorce Decrees, Child Support Documentation, SNAP Benefits, Social Security Benefit forms, etc.

You and your parents will need to provide proof of separation status at https://valdosta.studentforms.com


You and your parent will need to complete a Head of Household form at https://valdosta.studentforms.com

Please contact the Office of Financial Aid to inquire about the Parental Cessation form. 

NOTE: If this form is submitted and approved, you will only be eligible to receive Unsubsidized Loans from the federal government (you will not be eligible for federal grants or the Subsidized Loan). Due to this, we encourage families to do whatever is possible to provide the necessary parental information, in order to be fully considered for all forms of federal money.

For the Fall semester, FAFSA should be completed no later than June 1. However, the FAFSA can be completed as early as October 1 of the prior year (example: If attending Fall 2024, the 2024-2025 FAFSA can be submitted as early as December 31, 2023).

Documents for FAFSA verification (if required) should be turned in as soon as possible at https://valdosta.studentforms.com.

Typically, students must be one of the following:

  • Graduate Student
  • Married
  • Military Veteran
  • Active Duty Military
  • Have Dependents You Support
  • Had No Living Parent After Turning 13
  • Ward of the Court After Turning 13
  • In Foster Care After Turning 13
  • Legally Emancipated Minor
  • In Legal Guardianship 
  • Homeless Or At Risk Of Homelessness
  • Have Documented Unusual Circumstances

Parents should be on the FAFSA if the student is a dependent student. Grandparents, legal guardians (as determined by a court), or other family members (Aunts/Uncles) cannot be added to the FAFSA. Dependents of parents, such as other children or children who have been placed in the legal guardianship of parents can be included in the household.

Once we receive your FAFSA, the awarding process can average 2-3 weeks.

We cannot tell you over the phone what your refund is. However, if you log into your BANNER account you will be able to see the amount of excess aid available or you can stop by the BURSARY or Office of Financial Aid with a Photo ID and we can provide you with this information in person.

You can view and provide all required documents and forms in our Veirficaiton Portal.

You can check your status online by logging onto your MyVSU and selecting BANNER.  Once in your BANNER Self Service Account, Click Financial Aid.

You must first requrest online for any excess financial aid funds to be transfered to your FLEX Account.  Instructions are on the One Card Office Web Site.  It can take up to one hour to have money become available on your FLEX card after the transfer.

If you have a balance due, your FLEX card will not work. You can check on your balance by contacting the Bursary at (229)333-5725. 

By logging onto your BANNER Self Service Account you can see what Financial Aid has offered click on the following links:

You can check your award online by logging onto your MyVSU and selecting BANNER.  Once in your BANNER Self Service Account, Click Financial Aid and then Award Offer.

Yes, please click here for more information.