Work Study FAQ

How many hours per week are FWS employees permitted to work?

FWS employees can work up to 30 hours per week.

How are the semester dates for monitoring FWS by term determined?

The semester dates run from the first day of class through graduation.

If/when a student exceeds their work study award, is there a standard process for funding the overage?

Yes, the employing department's Student Assistant account is charged for excess amounts.

Are FWS monies paid at the beginning of each semester?

FWS money is NOT available at registration to pay your fees. FWS awards are earned during the term.

How and when are students in the FWS program paid?

Students are paid bi-weekly (every other Friday) for actual hours worked.

Is there a waiting list for FWS?

No. It is eligible on a first-come, first-served basis.

What are the other alternatives if I do not receive a FWS job?

Students can apply for Student Assistant jobs that are also posted on the PeopleAdmin site. Contact the Student Employment Office with questions regarding Student Assistant jobs. Another option is to contact Career Opportunities with questions regarding off-campus jobs.

Am I able to work more than one work study position?

No, You can only work one work study position and one student assistant position not to exceed 30 hours maximum per week.

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