Welcome to our technology guide for new students! The goal of this page is to consolidate steps for accessing commonly used VSU technologies as well as steps for getting technology assistance.

These guides are designed for students who are not also employed by the university. If you are a student employee, graduate assistant, or work study student, please use our new employee guide instead.


Using the username and password you set up when you were admitted into the university, you can log into the MyVSU Portal. This portal is a fully-integrated platform designed to serve the needs of VSU students by offering a single login for most VSU services along with information critical to your academic success and engagement in campus activities. The responsive design is mobile-friendly for students on the go!

If you do not know your username or password, please visit our Password Reset Tool at iforgot.valdosta.edu and select I Don't Know My Password.

The first time you access MyVSU, you will be asked to set up two-factor authentication to protect your account. We would strongly recommend utilizing the Microsoft Authenticator mobile app, as it streamlines the experience with 1-click authentication.


Valdosta State University uses the BlazeVIEW learning management system to provide the online learning environment for many VSU courses. BlazeVIEW supported courses range from web-enhanced courses where traditional face-to-face instruction is supplemented with web features such as syllabi and lecture notes, to courses that are taught completely online with no on-campus attendance requirements.

To access BlazeVIEW, click the BlazeVIEW button on the top-right corner of MyVSU. Please note that students will only see individual classes in BlazeVIEW beginning on the day the class begins. Students who add a class after the first day of classes will see their class in BlazeVIEW within 2 business days of registering.

VSU Email

VSU Email is hosted through Microsoft Office 365, which is an all-in-one communications and collaboration platform. Features include:

You can access Office 365 by clicking the VSU Email button on the top right corner of MyVSU.


The university’s upgraded wireless network provides access to a faster and more reliable connectivity throughout the entire campus including all nine residence halls, academic and administrative buildings, auditoriums and dining spaces. Approximately 1600 access points (AP) were placed in high-density usage areas to support coverage. Additionally, advanced caching capabilities were implemented to support super-fast iOS updates and high-definition (HD) media streaming (i.e. Netflix and YouTube).

To connect, select VSU-WiFi in the list of wireless networks on your device. Then, log in with your MyVSU username and password. Specialized devices like gaming consoles may need to be registered or need settings modifications. For more information, please visit our VSU-Wi-Fi guides.

Other Campus Technologies

  • Blazer Guardian - The Blazer Guardian app allows students to create safety profiles that streamline communication with University Police as well as friends, family members, and classmates.
  • Computer Labs - Valdosta State provides 95+ computer labs/classrooms across campus that houses over 2000 student-use computers.
  • Campus Printing - Each semester, students receive an allocation to utilize VSU multi-functional, card-swipe printers that feature printing, copying, and scanning.
  • Philo Edu TV - Philo Edu delivers live TV and DVR capabilities to students’ laptops, tablets, smartphones, and TV sets.
  • Recommended Technologies - This section provides links to free software we have tested for compatibility with VSU systems and recommend for use on personal computers.

Getting Assistance

  • For information on additional campus technology, please visit the Division of Information Technology website and click All Students and Employees.
  • To submit a help request, please log into the Technology Services Portal system with your VSU username and password.
  • Likewise, please don't hesitate to contact our Solutions Center if we can assist you in your experience getting started with VSU. Our contact information can be found in the right sidebar of this page.