Technology Services Portal

The Technology Services Portal (TSP) is a knowledge base and work order system to bring many of the campus technology assistance resources into one location for easy access. This mobile-friendly and streamlined system allows faculty, staff, and students of the university to:
  • Accessing The Technology Services Portal

    Using a web browser of your choice, you can access the Technology Services Portal through the Portals section of MyVSU. Alternatively, you can navigate to it directly by visiting and log in with your MyVSU username and password.

  • Navigating The Technology Services Portal Home Page

    When you log into the Technology Services Portal, you will see your home page. On this page, you will find a search bar along with three clickable tiles.

    • The search bar allows you to search knowledge articles as well as your past work orders using keywords.
    • Meanwhile, the tiles allow you to navigate to the three most commonly used components of the Technology Services Portal: Self-Help Solutions, Service Catalog, and My Items.

    ISM Home Page

    Below the tiles are a list of featured knowledge articles that you can click to view answers to commonly asked questions and news which will contain information about new and updated technology service offerings.

     ISM Knowledge Articles

    On the left side of the page, you can find a side bar that will let you navigate to any part of the Technology Services Portal, including returning to the home page. By clicking the top icon, you expand the menu bar to display text descriptions of each icon.

     ISM Sidebar

    Finally, next to your name in the top-right corner, you will find the button to log out of the Technology Services Portal.

    ISM Logout Button

  • Service Catalog (Online Forms)

    The Service Catalog found in the Technology Services Portal contains forms used to request common types of assistance from the Division of Information Technology. The left panel of the Service Catalog contains a drop-down menu that divides these forms by categories, such as hardware and software. There is also a search bar to allow you to filter the list of forms by keywords.

    Service Catalog Search

    When you click on one of the forms in the right panel, a window will appear providing further details on what the form can be used to request. If you feel that you have selected the correct form, click the Request button. Otherwise, click the Close button in order to select a different form.

    Form in Service Catalog

    The contents of the form will vary, depending on what you are requesting. Please note that fields with a red asterisk (*) are required fields. Once you have completed the form, click the Review & Submit button at the bottom. If you are missing information needed to complete the form, you can click the Save for Later button.

    Form Submission Buttons

    This will cause a Drafts button to appear at the top-right of the Service Catalog, and clicking on it will allow you to continue where you left off, rather than restarting the process.

    Form Drafts

  • Self-Help Solutions (Knowledge Base)

    Self-Help Solutions is a collection of articles to help users find steps to solve common technology issues. You can search the knowledge base by entering keywords into the search bar on the top-right corner. When you find a relevant knowledge base article, you can click on it to view it.

    Knowledge Base Search


    When you have finished reading the article, you can rate the usefulness of the article and share feedback at the bottom.


    Knowledge Base Feedback


    Finally, you can click the arrow icon on the top-left corner of the article to return to the list of knowledge based articles.


     Arrow to Return to Knowledge Base

  • My Items (Check Request Status)

    You can view the status of your current and past requests in My Items. You can search by entering keywords into the search bar on the top-right corner or click on a request in order to view it.

    My Items List

    While viewing a request, you can use the Notes and Attachments tabs on the top-left corner to review communication between you and the technician as well as any files either of you have attached to the request. Finally, you will see a progress bar on the right of the request.

    My Items Tabs

  • Other Functions and Features

    By clicking the icon at the top of the left sidebar, you can view a list of additional functions and features available in the Technology Services Portal that have not been discussed above.
    ISM Sidebar

    • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) - This feature provides concise answers to common questions. Unlike knowledge base articles which focus on providing step-by-step walkthroughs, FAQs are designed to provide concise answers to questions that do not require steps like "How long do I get to keep my VSU email address after I graduate?"
    • Announcements - This feature provides access to news and notices posted by Information Technology, eLearning, or the New Media Center in relation to their services.
    • Settings - This feature allows you to modify language settings for your account.