You may make an appointment for some exams through RegisterBlast.

Please be aware that Office of Testing administration fees may apply to some exams.


Accuplacer may be used for undergraduate admission and placement. Incoming students who are required to take the Accuplacer will be notified by the Valdosta State University Office of Undergraduate Admissions after submitting an application for admission. The three computer-based components of the Accuplacer that may be required by VSU are Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics (QRAS); Reading; and WritePlacer. The Accuplacer is offered by appointment.

Since the Accuplacer is a required exam for some VSU students there is no test fee for the initial testing session if taken in the VSU Office of Testing (this does not apply to remote completion through Examity or an Accuplacer Remote Site). If a student must retake any sections of the exam, then a $10 fee will be assessed for each attempt in the VSU Office of Testing after the initial attempt.

Accuplacer Practice Materials (QRAS, Reading, and/or WritePlacer may be required by VSU)

Accuplacer for VSU: Students taking the Accuplacer for VSU and VSU Dual Enrollment need to apply for admission and be assigned a student identification number before scheduling the Accuplacer. If you do not, the processing of your score will be delayed.

For more information regarding the undergraduate application process, please contact the VSU Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Remote Accuplacer Testing for VSU: Please contact our office at (229) 245-3878 or your Admissions Counselor in Undergraduate Admissions to receive your Accuplacer Remote Voucher. So we may better assist you, please have your student identification number and the Accuplacer parts you need to take ready. You will be asked to choose an Accuplacer Remote Site at the time of the call, which can be either online through Examity or at a physical Accuplacer Remote Site. There is usually an administration fee assessed by the Remote Site to take the exam.

Remote Accuplacer Testing for Another Institution: Students required to take the Accuplacer for another institution must contact their institution to receive an Accuplacer Remote Voucher. Once the student has acquired their Remote Voucher they may make an appointment for exam administration at the VSU Office of Testing. There is a $20 administration fee for Remote Accuplacer Testing.

South Georgia State College Entry Program Students: Students required to take the exam for SGSC must contact the SGSC Entry Program at (912) 260-4660 or

Taking the Accuplacer for POST/Department of Corrections: The VSU Office of Testing is unable to administer the required Accuplacer sections for POST (Police/Peace Officer) or employment with the Georgia Department of Corrections. Please contact Wiregrass Georgia Technical College at (229) 249-4821 for available testing options.


The ACT is designed to assess the general educational development of high school students and their ability to complete college-level work. The ACT consists of tests in English, mathematics, reading, science, and an optional writing test.

Please refer to the ACT website at for more information and registration deadlines.

ACT Test Dates (PDF)

ACT Test Preparation Materials

Adult and Career Education Exemption Exams

Adult and Career Education (ACED) Exemption Exams are available for ACED 1100, ACED 2000, ACED 2050, ACED 2400, and ACED 3400 classes. The ACED Exemption Exams are offered by appointment

Please remember the following before scheduling your exam:

Students must meet all course prerequisite requirements before requesting an ACED Exemption Exam. Please do NOT register and pay for an exemption exam if you have not already passed the prerequisite course or the exemption exam for the prerequisite course.

Students who have previously completed a course at VSU are NOT eligible to take an ACED Exemption Exam for that course. In other words, students who previously failed a course at VSU must retake the course to earn credit. They may not ask to exempt that course.

Students may only attempt an ACED Exemption Exam for a particular course one time.

If you have any questions regarding your eligibility to test or about specific exam information not contained in the study guides below, please contact Leadership, Technology, & Workforce Development at (229) 333-5633.

ACED Exemption Exam Overviews / Study Guides

ACED 1100 - Introduction to Business
ACED 2000 - Beginning Keyboarding
ACED 2050 - Communication for the Workplace
ACED 2400 - Computer Technology for the Workplace
ACED 3400 - Applied Computer Technology

Biology Major Field Test

Students completing a degree in Biology are required to complete the ETS Biology Major Field Test (MFT) as part of their Senior Seminar. The subject matter covered by the Biology MFT is organized into four major areas: cell biology; molecular biology and genetics; organismal biology; and population biology, evolution, and ecology. The test contains approximately 150 multiple-choice questions, a number of which are grouped in sets and based on descriptions of laboratory and field situations, diagrams, or experimental results.

Test Description from ETS
Biology MFT Sample Questions

The cost for the initial Biology MFT is included in a Biology major's mandatory fees, but retest fees must be paid to the Office of Testing before retesting. The Biology MFT is offered by appointment.

Chemistry Placement Test

VSU Chemistry Placement Test Information

Taking the Chemistry Placement Test:

If you need to take the Chemistry Placement Test, please contact your academic advisor or complete the Request Form on our site to be added to the class in Blazeview. You will receive instructions for accessing the exam once the form is received and approved. Please note that the required Respondus LockDown Browser is not compatible with Chromebooks.


CLEP exams assess a student's knowledge in a wide range of subject areas. As a national test center, all CLEP exams are administered at the VSU Office of Testing.

Valdosta State University students may receive degree credit hours only for certain courses based on score. Please refer to CLEP Test Minimum Score, VSU Course, and Credit Given for information on VSU credit.

Please refer to the CLEP website to register and for more information. You must register with CLEP before making your appointment with the VSU Office of Testing.

CLEP exams are offered by appointment.

College Board CLEP Bulletin

Free Online CLEP Study Courses from Modern States Education Alliance

Modern States Freshman Year for Free Program Information (Vouchers do not apply to CLEP Administration Fee)

Distance Learning / Independent Study Exams

The Office of Testing administers proctored examinations for distance learning or online courses offered by other institutions and organizations. Exams are offered by appointment.

Please refer to the Distance Learning Proctoring Services page for more information.


The DSST is an extensive series of exams in college subjects that are comparable to the final or end-of-course exams at the undergraduate level. DSST exams are offered by appointment.

Please refer to the DSST website for more information.


The VSU Office of Testing serves as an eCore proctored test facility for midterm and final exams. Exams are administered online within the GoView online classroom environment. The exams are given during specific windows of time as set by eCore.

Please refer to the eCore Proctored Exam FAQs for more information about the proctored exam process, including registration/scheduling your exam


The Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators (GACE) assess the knowledge and skills of prospective and current Georgia P-12 educators. The GACE is aligned with state and national standards for educator preparation and with Georgia state standards for the P–12 student curriculum (Georgia Performance Standards).

Please refer to the ETS GACE website for information regarding registration and available dates.

Online Study Materials for GACE Assessments

GACE Testing Windows and Score Reporting Dates

Georgia Professional Standards Commission

Georgia Legislative Exemption Exams

Which Georgia Legislative Exemption Exam Do I Need? Do I need both?

Taking the Georgia Legislative Exemption Exam:

If you need to take the Georgia Legislative Exemption Exams, please complete the Request Form to be added to the class in Blazeview. You will receive instructions for accessing the exam once the form is received and approved. Please note that the required Respondus LockDown Browser is not compatible with Chromebooks.

Georgia Constitution Exemption Exam Study Outline

Georgia History Exemption Exam Study Outline

Rationale for the Georgia Legislative Exemption Exams (VSU Academic Affairs)

Please speak with your academic advisor or contact the Office of Testing for more information. The Georgia Exemption Exams have no cost and may be taken as many times as is needed to obtain a passing score. The passing score on the Georgia History Exemption (50 questions) and Georgia Constitution Exemption (25 questions) Exams is 52%. Attempting and/or passing either exam does not grant any credit toward a diploma or affect your GPA.

HESI Admission Assessment (A2) Exam

The HESI Admission Assessment Exam is required for admission to the Valdosta State University nursing programs (Cohort Admission Deadlines / BSN HESI Score Report Submission Deadlines). The HESI Admission Assessment is offered by appointment.

Please note: Students may only take the HESI twice (2 times) per application cycle.

To be eligible for admission into the VSU nursing programs, students must earn a 75 or higher in the following areas:

Reading Comprehension
Anatomy & Physiology

For more information regarding the use of the HESI A2 by VSU nursing programs, please contact the College of Nursing and Health Sciences. Information on test content can be found at the Elsevier Evolve Education Portal.

Evolve Account Creation: You will need to create an Evolve account before testing. You may create your account on the Elsevier Evolve Student website before your appointment. Account Creation can be found under the "Sign In" link in the top right corner of the page. Please remember your automatically generated Evolve username and password, since you will need them to test (you cannot use your email address to log in to the testing platform).

HESI Distance Testing for VSUThe HESI is also available through the HESI Distance Testing program and is administered at Prometric Testing Centers or online through the Prometric online proctoring service.

HESI Distance Testing Instructions (The VSU Department ID, which is required for registration, is at the top of page two)

Taking the HESI for Another Institution: You may take the HESI for another institution at Valdosta State; however, you will have to purchase a HESI transcript to have your scores sent to another institution (HESI Transcript Information). Our office offers the HESI Admission Assessment with all of the academic subjects, plus Learning Styles and Personality Profile sections. Our office's version of the HESI does not include the Critical Thinking portion. Please check with your institution for what subjects of the exam are required for admission.


The SAT is designed to assess the general educational development of high school students and their ability to complete college-level work. The SAT consists of tests in reading, writing and language, and mathematics. 

Please refer to the SAT website for more information and registration deadlines.

SAT Test Dates

Free Official SAT Practice from Khan Academy


TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition Information

The TOEFL is designed for students who are not fluent in English to demonstrate their command of the English language. The Valdosta State University Office of Testing offers the Internet-based test (iBT).

Please refer to the TOEFL website for more information and registration deadlines.

VSU Online Class Testing

Your professor will inform you of available testing dates and times.

VSU Online Class Testing is offered by appointment.

VSU Make-up Testing

Professors wishing to have make-up exams proctored may send requests to along with any directions or testing documents. The Office of Testing can proctor both online and paper exams. 

VSU Make-up Testing is offered by appointment.


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