This outline is designed to be used with the New Georgia Encyclopedia (NGE). The NGE is a joint effort meant to be "the first state encyclopedia to be conceived and designed exclusively for publication online ... [helping] users understand the rich history and diverse culture of Georgia's still-unfolding story." The encyclopedia is overseen by the Georgia Humanities Council in partnership with the University of Georgia Press, The State of Georgia, and GALILEO: Georgia Virtual Library.

A good starting point in the NGE is the article, "Government and Laws: Overview" (NGE Government & Politics Topics).

You may also use other sources to help you study. Unit 10 of Georgia Public Broadcasting's Georgia Studies Digital Textbook covers state government and is also available for free. Recent scholarship on Georgia state government can be found in Georgia State Politics: The Constitutional Foundation by Lee M. Allen, with Marc G. Pufong and Jason S. Kassel. Please check with Odum Library or your local library for the availability of additional resources.

The Georgia Exemption Exams are offered online at no cost and may be taken as many times as is needed to obtain a passing score (Request Online Access). The passing score on the Georgia Constitution Exam is 52% (13 correct answers out of 25 total).

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Areas of Study:

The Georgia Constitution

    • Important Topics of Study:
      • Georgia Constitution
      • Georgia Bill of Rights
      • Constitutional Conventions

Executive Branch

    • Important Topics of Study: 
      • Executive Branch: Overview
      • Executive Branch Officials: Overview
      • Governor
      • Lieutenant Governor
      • Secretary of State
      • Attorney General
      • Georgia Public Service Commission

Legislative Branch

    • Important Topics of Study:
      • Georgia General Assembly
      • Legislative Process: Overview
      • State Budgeting

Judicial Branch

    • Important Topics of Study:
      • Judicial Branch: Overview
      • Supreme Court of Georgia
      • Court of Appeals of Georgia

Local Government

    • Important Topics of Study:
      • Georgia's County Governments
      • Georgia’s City Governments
      • Regional Commissions of Georgia
      • Home Rule and Ordinances
      • Local Revenue Sources
      • Preservation Laws


    • Important Topics of Study:
      • Georgia Department of Education
      • Public Education (PreK-12)
      • University System of Georgia

Other Areas of Study

    • Important Topics of Study:
      • Public Authorities and Public Corporations
      • Statutory and Executive Boards and Commissions