Frequently Asked Questions

What testing programs are available at Valdosta State University?
The Office of Testing administers undergraduate, graduate, and professional exams to students and professionals at Valdosta State and in the surrounding area.

How can I find when a test is being administered at Valdosta State University?
You can contact the Office of Testing at (229) 245-3878 about test dates or view available individual testing appointments at the VSU Office of Testing RegisterBlast page.

Which testing programs are given on an appointment basis at Valdosta State University? May I make an appointment online?
ACCUPLACER, ACT Residual, Biology Major Field Test, Chemistry Placement, CLEP, GACE Paraprofessional, Georgia Constitution Exemption, Georgia History Exemption, Distance Learning/Independent Study, MAT, and TEAS exams are offered by appointment. Exam appointments may be made for most exams offered by the VSU Office of Testing and may be made online at the VSU Office of Testing RegisterBlast page. For any exams not listed please contact the Office of Testing at (229) 245-3878 for further information and/or instructions.

What study materials are available to check out and how long may I keep them?
The Office of Testing will check out the following study materials to students, potential students, and community members for two weeks:

    • ACT (also appropriate for the ACT Residual)
    • ACCUPLACER (Only online)
    • CLEP
    • GACE (Program Admission, Content Areas, and Paraprofessional)
    • Georgia Constitution (Only online)
    • Georgia History (Only online)
    • GMAT
    • GRE
    • HESI
    • HOAE
    • LSAT
    • MAT
    • SAT
    • TEAS

Depending on availability, students may check out the study guide for an additional two weeks. If study guides are lost or are not returned in a timely manner then a hold will be a placed on the student's Banner account until the guide is either paid for or returned.

ACCUPLACER study materials are available online at

The Georgia History Exemption Exam Study Guide is available online at (PDF Version)

The Georgia Constitution Exemption Exam Study Guide is available online at (PDF Version)

What forms of payment does the Office of Testing accept? 
We accept Cash (exact amount), Check, Credit/Debit Card (we apologize, but VSU does not currently accept American Express), or Money Order.

Are fee waivers available? If so, for what exams?
Please refer to our page concerning fee waivers

How can I request more information about a testing program?
Please contact our office at (229) 245-3878 or through our Contact Us page.

Does the Office of Testing keep scores on record? How can I request a score report?
The Office of Testing has access to the following exam scores: Accuplacer, ACT Residual (which may only be used at VSU), and MAT (unofficial score reports). If you would like access to any of these, you may either come to the Office of Testing in person with a valid photo ID or contact the Office of Testing and request the scores be forwarded to a VSU department or other academic institution. The Office of Testing will never give any score information or other private data over the telephone.  

Official score reports for exams not listed above must be acquired directly from the testing organization which oversees a specific exam.

Where is the Office of Testing located?
Powell Hall East, Room 1131. For more information on locating our office please visit