The Office of Testing is dedicated to administering professional testing services to Valdosta State University and surrounding communities while upholding test security standards.

The mission of the Office of Testing is to promote and maintain an atmosphere conducive to providing a constructive testing environment when administering standardized tests. Further, our mission is to consistently strive to assist and provide accommodations needed for group and individual settings when administering placement, proficiency, undergraduate and graduate admissions, degree credit by examination, and certification tests.

The yearly testing calendar is coordinated with Valdosta State University's school calendar and with the University System of Georgia and National testing dates. It is recommended that prospective registrants check with the colleges or universities of their choice to find out the required test needed for admission and the deadline for score submission.

As a designated national test center, the Office of Testing administers testing programs for:

Valdosta State University has been a member of the College Board since 1961. The Office of Testing is also a member of the Consortium of College Testing Centers (CCTC), a pioneering effort to support distance learning with remote test administrations.