facultyIt is important to get off to a good start in college. Part of that is choosing the right courses that match your academic background. We help you do that by evaluating your math skills. We know that students who have a strong foundation in algebra and high school math have a much greater chance of success in Principles of Chemistry (CHEM 1211 and 1212).

There are several ways to demonstrate your potential for success in CHEM 1211 - a good Math SAT or ACT score, completing CHEM 1200, or passing the Chemistry Placement Test. The placement test takes 30 minutes to complete and you can take it once a semester (fall, spring, summer). It is a multiple choice test that covers algebra and basic math skills. Register for the placement test by contacting your academic advisor or the Office of Testing.

A passing grade on the placement test to enter CHEM 1211 is 70%. If your placement test score shows that you need more preparation before entering CHEM 1211, then you can enroll in CHEM 1200 (Pre-General Chemistry). This gives you more practice so that with a C or better in CHEM 1200, you can then enter CHEM 1211 with confidence that you'll succeed. 

You are allowed to use a calculator on the placement test.

Contact Dr. Donna Gosnell if you have any questions about the Chemistry Placement Test.