1. Center for International Programs
  2. Academic Advisor
  3. Odum Library
  4. Counseling Center and Family Works
  5. Academic Support Center
  6. Student Health Center
  7. Campus Recreation Center
  8. VSU Police Department
  9. On-Campus Transportation
  10. Registrar's Office
  11. Bursary
  12. Helpdesk


We are located at 204 Georgia Avenue, next to the Student Health Center. This is where your International Student Advisor or Exchange Student Advisor’s offices are held. If you also receive an email from somebody in our office saying that you have some documents you need to pick up, you can pick up those documents at the front desk of this office.

Regular office hours are Monday-Thursday: 8:00 am – 5:30 pm and Friday: 8:00 am – 3:00 pm. 

Walk-in hours for the international student advisor are the following:

Monday - Thursday: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm & 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm EST

You can also e-mail the advisors to set appointments. 

Also keep in mind that you do not need to see either advisors if you simply need to pick up your documents/mail at the CIP, but you will need to present you VSU ID for verification of your identity.

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The person who can help plan your classes, assist you with your academic concerns, and direct you in the best route to take depending on your educational and career plans. This person can change depending on your chosen major field of study. You can see who your academic advisor is by going to your student information in Banner.

All students are assigned an academic advisor when they enroll in a degree program. For students who have less than 30 credit hours, or have not declared their major field of study, their advisor will be located in the Office of Centralized Advising. For students who have more than 30 credit hours, or have declared their major field of study, there will be a faculty advisor assigned to the student.

Also all freshmen, sophomore, and transfer students who are thinking of studying any one of the fields of study within the College of Business Administration, will be advised in the College of Business Administration’s own Student Advising Center, located at VSU’s North Campus.

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Located on the main campus, next to the student union, this is one the campus resource that students use the most.

As an academic library, there are plenty of resources for students to use. For example, if students need help with their research, the reference desk is there for students to ask help for. Please note that they are not there to do your homework for you, only to guide you!

You will have access to books, e-books, journals, e-journals, music and art resources that you can check out as a VSU student.

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The above resources/offices are open to any VSU student who needs them. They are at VSU to provide any mental and emotional support to all VSU students, and their services are free and confidential. Please remember that there is no shame in needing help, and neither is it a weakness.

The Counseling Center also has plenty of online resources available for international students, which you can find on this page.

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This office is located at the ground hall of Langdale Hall (look for the red awning).

This office is an excellent student resource. They have tutors for most of the lower level subjects, as well as writing tutors to help students improve their papers.

For students who are taking 1000 and 2000 level business classes, check out the College of Business’ Student Advising Center. They offer tutoring for certain classes each semester.

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Located next to the Center for International Programs, the Student Health Center should be your first stop when you are not feeling well.

Part of the fees that students pay goes towards the Student Health Center, so all students that have paid fees are eligible to access the services that they provide.

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The Campus Recreation Center (Rec Center) is located next to Centennial Hall on Sustella Avenue.

All VSU students can use the facilities at the Rec Center as long as they have their VSU ID with them. They have a cardio area, an indoor track, weight training area, an indoor pool, and group fitness classes. All free to VSU students!

Students can also choose to participate in Intramural Sports or join the CORE (Center for Outdoor Recreational Experiences) on their different trips around the US, at different times of the year. Please note that CORE trips are not free, but they relatively inexpensive.

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Located in the Oak Parking Deck, the VSU Police Department is here to keep the campus community safe and secure. They provide basic campus safety services, like escorting students from campus buildings to their residence halls at night. You can also contact them if you have lost any valuables like your VSU ID card, or have found somebody else’s lost property.

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Located at the University Center, you can access this office by going through Entrance no. 5, and it is next to the Centralized Advising Office. This office is responsible for anything to do with a student’s academic record from class registration to final grades.

You can request for copies of your transcripts, a verification of enrollment letter, and here is where you need to apply for graduation.

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This office is located across the University Center. They manage the university’s billing and payment services for student accounts. They can also assist you with any financial questions that you might have with your student account. Please remember that you can also access your online student account through your Banner account.

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The IT Helpdesk can be found in the 2nd floor of the Odum Library if you are having any issues with the IT resources on campus (Banner password reset, connecting to the Wi-Fi, etc.).

Campus Printing Solutions: There are also computer labs and study rooms that are free for students to use, as well as access to printers if you need to print out research papers or homework. As a fee-paying student, you are given $17.50 a semester to use for printing materials on campus. Search for Campus Print Solution Guides on the VSU Website.

For assistance with media projects, the Media Center, located at the first floor of the library where students can borrow some of the equipment and ask from assistance with the Media Center staff

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