i. Renting an Apartment
ii.  Utilities
iii. Off-Campus Transportation


The city of Valdosta is very unique. It is a city that surrounds another city: the city of Remerton. If you go down Baytree Road, you will see a sign that says “Welcome to Remerton.” The city only spans a total of 0.2 sq miles.

Most houses for rent or apartment complexes will require a prospective tenant (renter) to agree to get a background check, which you can only get done with a US Social Security Number. regarding how to get a Social Security number. If you are not eligible to get a social security number, you will need to look for apartment complexes that offer other options in lieu to needing a social security number. Please be cautious and read everything that is put in front of you before you sign! If you do not understand something, make sure that you ask or have a friend with you that can make sure you are not signing something that you might regret later on!

While some apartment complexes will provide the amenity of not having to pay your utilities individually (including it in the rent price), some will not have this amenity available.

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Georgia Power is one of two companies that is in charge of providing electricity to all of Valdosta/Remerton. One of their main requirements for electricity to be turned out at your new place is that one of the residents be the primary account holder. Only residents that have a social security number can be a primary account holder. 

Another option is for you and/or your roommates to find an apartment complex that caters to college students and provides this amenity with your leasing contract.

Colquitt EMC is the second company that provides electricity to Valdosta. You will have to apply for service at their Valdosta office, pay the membership fee ($5), connection fee($20), and a security deposit of either ($0, $200, or $400), dependent on your credit rating. 


Depending on where you live (Remerton or Valdosta), these utilities will be managed by the City of Valdosta or the City of Remerton.

For the city of Valdosta, you will need to bring the following to the Valdosta City Customer Service Division at 102 North Lee Street Valdosta, GA 31601:

  • $50 deposit (check/cash/debit/credit card)
  • A copy of your lease agreement
  • Your driver's license or valid Georgia ID card with your SSN#

For the city of Remerton, you will need to bring the following to the Remerton City Hall at 1757 Poplar St, Valdosta, GA 31601 :

  • $86 deposit
  • Your driver's license or valid Georgia ID card with your SSN#

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Taxi Service

There are a couple of various taxi services in Valdosta, but the most popular one is called 244-taxi, and you can just call them at (229)244- 8294 to schedule a pick-up.

Uber and Lyft 

While these services are available in town, please be cautious and double-check that you are getting into the right car. Follow the tips here


An intercity bus service that can take people to different cities at different rates. There is a Greyhound Bus Station on 200 North Oak Street.

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