Faculty Scholarship Grants

Faculty Scholarship funding is available to full-time faculty in order to present papers at regional, national, and/or international academic conferences, to attend meetings and workshops that focus on curriculum development and instructional improvement activities. Faculty may be awarded up to $2,000 in one fiscal year (either two $1,000 grants or one for $2,000). Complete information is available at https://www.valdosta.edu/administration/faculty-scholarship/.

Last updated March 24, 2022.

Faculty Research Seed Grants (FRSG)

The Faculty Research Seed Grant (FRSG) Program is a competitive, internal funding program for Valdosta State University faculty.  It is financially supported by the Division of Academic Affairs, managed by the Faculty Research and Scholarship Committee of the Faculty Senate, and administered by OSPRA (Office of Sponsored Programs and Research). 

The goal of the FRSG Program is to support faculty research and creative activity in the furtherance of the scholarly mission of the university. Complete information about the program is available at https://www.valdosta.edu/academics/graduate-school/research/office-of-sponsored-programs-research-administration/faculty-research-seed-grants.php

Last updated March 24, 2022.

Faculty Internationalization Fund

The Faculty Internationalization Fund (FIF) is a specifically designed VSU instrument to promote faculty exposure to and participation in international education and research. Funding for individual projects is provided on a competitive base for activities aligned with academic units' and university's strategic plans in the international dimension. Coordinated through the Center for International Programs (CIP) and overseen by a university committee, FIF supports faculty travel abroad for academic exchanges, program development, professional enrichment activities, and other international activities. FIF funding can be used to augment funding from external and institutional grants, contracts, faculty development funding, etc. Information and application materials are available at https://www.valdosta.edu/academics/international-programs/dept/vsu-global/vsu-internationalization-fund.php

Last updated March 24, 2022.

CELT (Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching)

The Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) supports faculty at Valdosta State University by providing professional development opportunities related to their roles as teachers, scholars, practitioners, and leaders throughout their career stages through Faculty Learning Communities, Peer Mentoring, Instructional Consultations, and a variety of other programs. For complete information, visit https://www.valdosta.edu/celt/.  eLearning is also part of CELT, and is available help faculty through the creative application of technology, instructional design consultations, and professional development opportunities focusing on online instruction and technology application in the classroom. Information about eLearning is available at https://www.valdosta.edu/academics/elearning/.

Last updated March 24, 2022.

Employee and Organizational Development

This Department provides ongoing programs to orient, train and develop employees, thereby improving skill levels, promoting personal career growth, and optimizing employee performance. Faculty may register for a variety of courses on multiple topics at https://www.valdosta.edu/administration/finance-admin/employee-development/

In addition to face-to-face offerings, the Office of Employee and Organizational Development provides free access to Skillsoft Percipio, a leading provider of elearning and performance support solutions to include courses, books, simulations, exams, and videos. See https://www.valdosta.edu/administration/finance-admin/employee-development/skillsoft-percipio/

Last updated March 24, 2022.

Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Administration (OSPRA)

The purpose / role of the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Administration (OSPRA) is to support faculty, staff, and students in the acquisition and administration of externally funded projects and programs, the ethical conduct of research, and the development of internal and external research collaborations to advance the mission of Valdosta State University.

The Office assists faculty in locating and applying for funding and research compliance. For information about all the programs and services, consult https://www.valdosta.edu/academics/graduate-school/research/office-of-sponsored-programs-research-administration/

Last updated March 24, 2022.

Center for International Programs (CIP)

Among its many activities, the Center for International Programs administers an International Studies Minor program, coordinates study abroad and exchange opportunities for faculty and students, oversees support services for international students, maintains a user-friendly home page, and organizes cultural and community events and lecture series on international themes. For more information, visit the website at https://www.valdosta.edu/academics/international-programs/

Last updated March 24, 2022.


Infobase (formerly Hoonuit) offers educational institutions access to a complete training library of over 50,000 short, show-and-tell video training tutorials on over 205 of the most common applications. Infobase tutorials are available to faculty, staff and students 24/7, 365 days a year. For further information, visit https://www.valdosta.edu/academics/elearning/infobase.php

Last updated March 24, 2022.


Qualtrics is VSU’s survey tool available to administrators, faculty, staff and students. Qualtrics is a powerful product which facilitates survey creation, distribution, and data monitoring/collection. For more information, consult https://www.valdosta.edu/academics/elearning/qualtrics.php

Last updated March 24, 2022.

Faculty Resources Webpage

In addition to weblinks mentioned in this handbook, the Office of Academic Affairs maintains a Faculty Resources webpage which links to VSU policies and procedures concerning:

  • academic forms
  • academic policies and procedures
  • accreditation
  • advising
  • appointment, promotion, tenure, and evaluation
  • assessment
  • budget and purchasing
  • calendars
  • curriculum
  • employment and benefits
  • facilities
  • faculty development, research, and scholarship
  • news, conferences, and events
  • teaching and course materials
  • technology and portals
  • travel
Last updated March 24, 2022.