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* FRSG will not be available this quarter. If you're seeking funding, please fill out our Funding Search Request Form (see below) or check out the resources on our Funding Page.


  • Funding Search Request Form

    • Looking for funding? The revised Funding Search Request allows us to best locate funding to support your projects. Please take a few minutes to fill out the form and include info about your research interests. An OSPRA team member will typically respond in 1-2 business days.


  • Intent to Submit for Funding Form

    • The new Intent to Submit for Funding form has been created so we can best assist your efforts in securing external funding to support your work. Please fill out the new Intent to Submit for Funding form as early as possible. Doing so will allow us to: make sure your proposal gets routed to the correct office, assist with grant writing if needed, assist with budget development if required, and connect you with other faculty who may be working on related projects. 


  • Proposal Approval Form

    • As the designated office and manager of grant funds for Valdosta State University, OSPRA must be notified in advance of all grant submissions. While the Proposal Approval Form notifies OSPRA of the Principal Investigator’s (PI) intent and assists in office project management, it also ensures clear communication between the Deans, Department Heads, and PIs concerning the approval of grants and their components. *PIs must obtain the necessary signatures and then return the completed form to OSPRA*


  • Additional Compensation for Non-Credit Activities (Form)

    • Faculty and staff must meet the requirements for supplemental or summer pay. Provide a brief description of your specialized skill requiring payment outside of your contractual hours.*PIs must obtain the necessary signatures and then return the completed form to OSPRA*


If you have any questions about any of our forms, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone at 229-249-2614 or by email at ospra@valdosta.edu.


About Us:

Have you wondered what is the Office of Sponored Programs and Research Administration (OSPRA)? View our handy Presentation on Who We Are and What We Do.


The purpose of the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Administration is to protect the integrity and standing of the institution, faculty, staff, and students by guarding and maintaining research compliance; federal, state, local, and institutional mandates; and regulations, guidelines, and policies.

Mission Statement:

The role of the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Administration is to support faculty, staff, and students in the acquisition and administration of externally funded projects and programs, the ethical conduct of research, and the development of internal and exterior research collaborations to advance the mission of Valdosta State University.  


Our central vision is to significantly grow the portfolio of externally funded grants and contracts for Valdosta State University.  OSPRA will achieve this by partnering with our creative and dynamic faculty as well as community partners and other institutions of higher education.  We envision an institution in which all undergraduates as well as graduate students can engage in a meaningful research experience mentored by a faculty member.  We strive to support research projects and creative works at not only the embryonic stage of development but also the stages of presentation, publication and proposal development / submission to funding entities.  


Our guiding value in the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Administration (OSPRA) is to serve our faculty and students in the pursuit of their research and creative works.  We endeavor to promote scholarship that makes an original contribution and promotes the economic development, intellectual capital, health care, or public administration of our state, region or nation.  We are committed to promoting the ethical principles and research integrity of all scholarship conducted on our campus.  


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