Blazer Funded is Here!

The Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Administration, the Division of University Advancement, and the VSU Foundation have been working to launch a crowdfunding platform for Valdosta State University.

Dr. James LaPlant, Assistant Vice President for Research said, “We are very pleased to launch a crowdfunding initiative in the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Administration.  We envision this initiative as an opportunity for faculty to raise funds for research endeavors, especially those involving undergraduate and graduate students at VSU.  Crowdfunding can also provide support for student academic organizations that are competing at the state, regional, national, or even international levels.  When traditional grants are not available as a funding source, crowdfunding can provide several thousand dollars to support research projects and academic organizations at VSU.”

Blazer Funded is VSU’s own integrated crowdfunding platform that helps our award-winning faculty and registered student organizations fund their passion projects. Blazer Funded projects are successfully funded by the active engagement of donors and supporters through social media and direct communications. Our staff works closely with each project team to provide strategic crowdfunding management and consulting in communications, your online presence, and fundraising opportunities.

The Blazer Funded website is now live, and information meetings will be held across campus for all those wanting to learn more about the crowdfunding platform. For the initial launch, preference is given to faculty-driven research and projects that have student involvement and a strong student impact.  Check out our FAQ section for more details.  

For more information or to apply, contact Mary D. Marshall at