Facilities Planning

Facilities Planning

Facilities Planning - engineering is an important contributor to the planning process for new facilities and the renovation of existing facilities. This area provides conceptual concepts, including artistic renditions, for new and improved buildings and utilities. In the development of new building criteria this area is instrumental in development of programs and establishment of campus standards.

Mr. Robert Tindall: Associate Director of Facilities Planning 

 (229) 333-5879

Dr. Victoria Douglass: Architect

(229) 245-3892


Mr. Mel Rogers: CAD Operations 

(229) 333-5481

Mr. Dan Coody: Construction Inspector 

(229) 259-5014

The engineering section provides valuable support to the campus in the maintenance, renovation, and construction of facilities. This section has complete Auto-Cadd capability and is responsible for:

Custodial care of documents to include storage of buildings as-built drawings and all contract documents and records of projects performed under the authority of Plant Operations.

Project Administration - The engineering section provides inspection services and administration of both large and small construction projects, working with architects, engineers, and contractors to coordinate all new and renovation work on the campus. This important function ensures the university is receiving optimal service from its contractors and enforces standards of construction and renovation of campus facilities.

Specifications and Contract Documents - The engineering section writes new specifications and reviews. Other specifications are written by consultants and design professionals. This section prepares change orders, recommends approval or disapproval of periodic pay estimates, and provides all communication coordination with outside vendors, contractors, and design professionals.