Section plans, designs and oversees construction of new buildings and renovations. This area provides concept drawings, including artistic renditions, for new and improved buildings and utilities. In the development of new building criteria this area is instrumental in establishment of campus standards.

Mr. Alan Sanderson: Associate Director for Facilities Planning (229) 333-5880

Dan Coody: Construction Project Manager, Facilities Planning, 229-259-5014

Custodial care of documents to include storage of buildings as-built drawings and all contract documents and records of projects performed under the authority of Physical Plant.

Project Administration
 - The engineering section provides oversight services and administration of both large and small construction projects, working with architects, engineers, and contractors to coordinate all new and renovation work on the campus. This important function ensures the university is receiving optimal service from its contractors and enforces standards of construction and renovation of campus facilities.

Master Planning - Facilities Planning oversees the Master Planning process for Valdosta State University and is responsible for publishing and maintaining the final Master Plan. 

Design Development
 - Facilities Planning oversees design development of all construction on VSU. 

Facilities Planning has the ability to hire and manage architects, engineers, interior designers, and other design professionals as needed for the development of VSU projects.