The purpose of a physical master plan for the University System of Georgia’s colleges and universities is to provide detailed guidelines for the physical development of campuses in order to support their academic missions. The physical master plan seeks to achieve two principal objectives: first, to foster the development of a physical plant that is efficient in serving the academic mission and its physical plant operations; and second, to create a physical environment that is beautiful and emblematic of its educational purpose, and that encourages social and intellectual interchange among students, faculty, and staff. Since each of the campuses is an established institution which has a distinct history, physical, and community setting, the physical master plan should be reflective of the existing campus and responsive to its future academic mission supporting appropriate renovations and extensions.

A physical master plan concentrates on the physical development of the campus and its facilities, and encompasses elements of campus organization, land and building use, vehicular and pedestrian circulation, infrastructure, open space, relationship to the community and criteria for campus site and building design to ensure compliance with physical master plan principles. Optimally, a physical master plan should sequentially follow the institution’s strategic (or academic) plan so that it can function as a physical reflection of the strategic directions being taken by the institutions. A physical master plan can also be undertaken concurrently with the development of a strategic plan wherein it can function as a test and possible modifier of the strategic plan. [Source: USG Physical Master Planning Template, p. iv, July 1997].

Master Planning 

A critical planning element for a university campus is the development of a facilities master plan.  The master planning process deals with facilities, space within facilities, space utilization, traffic patterns, and many other related areas.  Valdosta State University is in the process of preparing an update to the 2005 master plan and has contracted with Lord, Aeck, and Sargent (LAS) and Dober, Lidsky, Mathey (DLM) Architects and Planners to direct Valdosta State University's growth for the future. 

Valdosta State University Master Plan (2015)