Routine Project Work

This work involves changes in facilities that cannot be constructed as routine maintenance. It includes painting of areas, carpeting, and installation of electrical outlets, to name just a few. All projects must be submitted to the Director of Plant Operations in writing. The memo should include a full scope of the work to be done and any other information needed to develop the project. The Director will conduct an initial review of the project and forward it to the Facilities Planning. Engineering will develop a full description of the project scope, which may include preliminary prints, and will project a project budget. Approvals will be obtained from proper administrative authority to include the Vice President's for Academic Affairs, Finance and Administration, and Student Affairs and funding will be determined. The project will then be prioritized and scheduled for completion.

Major Repair and Renovations (MRR)

Valdosta State University submits an annual listing of requirements for Major Repair and Renovation projects by priority to the Office of Facilities at the Board of Regents. This list is for major projects costing less than $1,000,000 and which are intended for the repair and replacement of critical building and utility system components or the general repair and renovation of existing facilities to preserve, upgrade, and make functional changes.

There are two lists submitted, Regular Requirements and Regulatory Requirements. It is imperative adequate planning for changes in facilities take place early on to ensure the project can be programmed and justified. Departments wishing to have a project listed on the MRR list should provide to their respective Vice President a description of the project and a Needs and Assessment justification for the project. This information should be submitted prior to December 1st of each calendar year to allow adequate time for approvals and preparation of submittal documents. Forms are available at Plant Operations to put together a submittal and, if necessary, the engineering section will assist in developing a scope and projected budget for the project.