Project Work involves changes in facilities that are beyond routine maintenance. Project work includes the following examples of work, painting of areas, carpeting, and installation of electrical outlets, constructing or removing walls, doors, or windows.

Project work will fall into two categories:  Work that can be done in house, and work that must be contracted.

  1. Work that con be completed with in-house labor.  Physical Plant is funded for manpower to perform routine maintenance and although project work is typically outside the scope of their funding, some projects will fit into the schedule. To request project work, complete and on-line work order request and the Associate Director for Maintenance will review the project to determine if the work can be done in-house or by contract.  Complex projects, including adding or removing walls or doors, require the approval of the Department Head and Dean.  Depending on the scope of the project and the resources required, the requesting department will be asked to fund the project.  There are simple projects that can be done quickly and easily by in house workers.  Many painting projects can be completed by the in-house painters, but because of the large number of requests for painting work there is a long wait time for projects to get to the top of the list. 
  2. Work that must be contracted.  Work beyond the scope or time of the in-house workforce will be contracted in accordance with the University System Policies and Procedures.  Projects for contract work will need to have approved funding before a project will be contracted for construction.  The Facilities Planning Department will assist departments in assessing the feasibility and cost estimate of the proposed projects.  Proposed projects will need approval from the Department Head, Dean, and Cabinet member over the proposed renovation area.  Physical Plant does not have a dedicated fund source for projects.


Major Repair and Renovations (MRR) is a program allocating funding intended for the repair and replacement of critical building and utility system components of existing facilities to preserve, upgrade, and make functional changes.  MRR funds are authorized in the Georgia annual state budget and allocated by the University System of Georgia (USG).   Valdosta State University submits an annual listing of major projects costing less than $1,000,000 by priority to the Office of Facilities at the USG.

Departments wishing to have a project listed on the MRR list should provide to their respective Vice President or Cabinet member a description and justification of the project.  Approved projects will be prioritized with other MRR projects once a year for the submission to the USG.