Central Warehouse Services makes daily deliveries through its Central Receiving unit.  Deliveries are usually made within 48 hours of initial receipt.  Shipments received at Central Warehouse Receiving, jobs produced by Printing Services, and Central Stores orders will by Central Warehouse Delivery personnel.

Two copies of the Campus Delivery form/Central Warehouse Requisition form will accompany the material when it is delivered.  The recipient acknowledges receipt of the order by signing his or her name and placing the date on the top copy.  The recipient will keep a copy of the form and return the signed copy to the Central Warehouse Delivery personnel.  This signature does not transfer liability for missing or damaged freight.

Recipient departments should perform a complete inventory and inspection of all delivered materials as soon as possible; however, it is important to permit the delivery personnel to continue with their responsibilities, rather than delay them while a detailed inspection of the delivery is made.  The recipient department has four working days to report any shortages or damaged material to Central Warehouse Services by telephone (229-333-5958) or email: centware@valdosta.edu.

In the event of a shortage or concealed damage, call Central Warehouse Services immediately and notify them of the problem.  Central Warehouse Services will work with the recipient department to correct the issue appropriately.  Actions taken will vary based upon the type of delivery received.