• Disposal of Surplus Inventoried Items
  • Disposal of Usable Surplus Supplies
  • Federal and State Surplus Warehouses
  • Charges for Surplus Items

    1. Disposal of Surplus Inventoried Items
      The Property Inventory Supervisor is responsible for coordinating the disposal of all surplus, obsolete, or unusable University property inventory. University departments are not to dispose of equipment, furniture, toner cartridge, or items, even if broken beyond normal recognition. Departments are to contact the Property Inventory Supervisor Chris Griggs at  cmgriggs@valdosta.edu or (229) 245-3735.
    2. Disposal of Usable Surplus Supplies
      New or usable supplies that are surplus to department needs are to be disposed of through the Property Inventory Supervisor. Departments having unusable supplies should dispose of them as trash.
    3. Federal and State Surplus Warehouses
      In order to visit and purchase from one of the Department of Administrative Services (DOAS) Surplus Property Warehouses, a written pass is required. The pass is issued by the Property Inventory Supervisor on an individual basis, to staff or faculty members recommended by their department head. The pass is good for one visit only on a specified day.

      The Surplus Property Office of DOAS is an agency of the State of Georgia, established to receive and distribute Federal and State surplus property. It works with Federal agencies, including the armed services, to receive surplus property. It also works with eligible public and private institutions and agencies to distribute the property it has received. Technically, the distribution of Federal property is a donation, not a sale; processing and handling charges are made so that operational costs can be recovered by the State Property Office. To assure State Property that the best utilization will be obtained, the Federal property thus transferred has certain restrictions placed on it, such as the time limit to place the property in use and a period of use restriction. Most items must be put into use within 1 year or the University can be fined; once use begins items cannot be dismantled without prior authorization.

      There are no restrictions on the use of surplus state property as long as it is being used by the agency for normal purposes. In order to obtain information about the utilization being made of surplus property, periodic audits are made of the University by the State Property Office. Federal Surplus Property usually has restrictions or conditions of use which the individual must sign for the department prior to getting the item.

      The location of the nearest Surplus Property Distribution Center is:

      • Americus Surplus Property Center, 1535 Southerfield Road, Americus, Georgia 31709, Telephone: 229-931-2407, Fax: 229-931-2408. Located off Route 1 (On campus of South Georgia Trade & Vocational School) Americus, GA..

      Other warehouse locations are:
      • Swainsboro Surplus Property Center, 713 Kite Road Swainsboro, Georgia 30401,Telephone: 478-289-2623, Fax: 478-289-2627.
      • Atlanta DOAS Surplus Property Center, 2072 North Bibb Drive, Tucker, Georgia 30084-6233, Telephone: 404-463-2912, Fax: 404-463-2912.

      The DOAS Surplus Property, website is: http://doas.georgia.gov

      The DOAS Surplus Property list of items available for acquisition through the DOAS Surplus Property Distribution Centers lists items only available by pickup at each site. Your search should be limited to those geographic areas you are willing to personally visit to pick up an item.

      Telephone calls to the warehouses are advised if an individual intends to visit. Warehouses are normally open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. Confirm before you plan your trip. They are not open on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays.

    4. Charges for Surplus Items
      A copy of the State Property Transfer and Invoice to acquire items must be forwarded to the Central Warehouse Property Inventory Supervisor, by the department, within five (5) working days after returning from the surplus warehouse.

      Charges for the material purchased from a surplus warehouse will be made by the Accounts Payable process directly to the account number of the department making the purchases, as reflected in the information provided on the request.

      The individual department is responsible for transporting items from the surplus warehouse to the University. Vehicle rental or other similar costs are to be charged to the department budget. Equipment Transport and Moving Service will be available to assist with unloading and positioning items if arrangements are made in advance of the acquisition by calling Plant Operations, Work Management (4860 or 7854). When the department obtains the pass from the Property Inventory Supervisor to visit the surplus warehouse, the request for assistance should be made.